Tuesday, March 15, 2011



starting a new posting is dreadful.i think it's worse than having exams tomorrow because i can't actually guess what sort of things i'm facing tomorrow.at the moment,i'm just preparing myself with the basic stuffs i learnt from med school.blurgh.tak bestnya this feeling.

it's ok azimah.it's ok.everything is going to be fine.


Monday, March 14, 2011

it's all good


phew.an email and a phone call took all the troubles away.alhamdulillah semuanya baik-baik saja.
don't ask about the details of the tsunami because what we've been talking about for the precious 11 mins were "baju kaler apa?pakej tu ada apa?pelamin cantek tak? and bla..bla..bla.."

seriously as if tsunami has never happened.


Friday, March 11, 2011

of getting married.

while waiting for my ms zoe to get a bath(setelah lama dia tak mandi),sempatlah saya nak menulis sepatah 2 kata here.so ladies and gentlemen,i'm officially on leave again.yes read me:cuti lagi selama 7 hari.now dah tgal 4.apa yang i buat for the last 3 days i pun tak tahu but this end of posting leave seriously berjalan laju macam bullet train tu.ahaks.exaggerate sket.

so this long hols is specially dedicated for wedding preps.for these 4 days i'm going to travel north-south for that purpose.things haven't even started yet,i mean the travelling but mentally i'm tired already.but when i dah start buat sket2 tetiba rasa lebih bersemangat dan idea pun mencurah2 datang.and when i updated to syir what i've been doing he's more than happy to hear it and nak senyum pun ada bila dengar apa requests dia untuk wedding nti.now it's crytal clear tunang saya nampaknya lebih bersemangat untuk wedding kami. :)))

but now i'm damn worried!did u hear about the 8.9 in richter scale earthquake? and the place was the one he used to go during prev trips.eventhough now he's not using that route anymore,i'm still worried sick since he's still in that country and according to schedule,he's arriving in 2days time which means he's somewhere near the perairan jepun.ya Allah,kepadaMU kami berlindung dan meminta pertolongan.

p/s:kita doa sama-sama ya untuk keselamatan mereka yang jauh nun di lautan mencari rezeki and for those affected by the calamity,my heart goes out to you.