Saturday, November 28, 2009



aku seperti kelkatu,
menunggu malam untuk bertemu,
menghadap siang yang penuh liku,
dengan harapan setinggi gunung,
menyapa bulan cantik sinarnya.

mahu saja aku beradu sepanjang hari,
agar bila celik sahaja mata ini,
walaupun gelap gelita makna malam itu,
bulan,kau cerah kan ia,
kau taburkan cahaya,
kau bawa pergi duka.

tatkala bila kamu kembali,
malam aku menjadi siang,
penuh warna selain cahaya,
mimpi aku tiada lagi yg ngeri
bersama sayap aku terbang,
menari-nari di langit malam.

mimpi sahaja itu semua.
aku masih membuka mata,
bersama suram mentari senja,
bersama dingin angin menyapa muka,
bersama penantian yang tak kunjung tiba.

benarkah kamu telah kembali?
kerana aku masih mencari,
masih aku gagal jejaki,
kalau ada pun cahaya mu bulan,
samarnya ia dilindung awan,
suramnya ia dikekang malam.

jangan biar kelkatu itu terbang,
pulang ke sarang dengan tangisan
kerana belum tentu bulan yang menjdi pujaan,
akan tegar menjadi sebutan,
agar terus kekal dalam ingatan,
jikalau air mata menjadi teman,
hati dan perasaan menjadi taruhan.

just feeling a lil bit melancholy tonight.

good nite dublin.

Monday, November 23, 2009

pre-exam rambling.


first of all,this entry not gonna be a nice one.
so,bear with me.

i have to 2 cases to present to my was done this afternoon.another one tomorrow.for the 1st one,adaka patut suruh fill in the marks kawan2 di malaysia,studying abroad nie selalu buat we all "shok" klau buat tak berapa bagus pun,nak markah penuh bubuhla"i did excellent!".tp takkan la nak tick mcm tu depan tutor?haha.

another thing i just realized is my exam gonna be on raya double malang hokey.dah la exam,raya haji pulak tu.sikit pun tak raya,kami dok dupdapdupdap nak OSCe(kira oral exam la).so beware sesiapa yg nak studi oversea nie,things like this is inevitable.selalu raya tak penah lae time exam,kelas tu biasa la kan.huhu.terkejut bonda i kat kg bila cakap exam susah on 27th nov.sedih btul i akn makesure i pass this exam sbb nk berbaloi kan whatever shit ni.teringat tahun bila ntah pagi raya haji,org pakai smart2 baju melayu bagai,me and the geng sebok tarik beg nak tgu bus ke airport nak pi switzerland.dah la bus stop depan masjid.kantoi.haha.lupa trus raya haji bila time tu.

skrg down btul la.rasa kurang kasih syg jauh,boyfriend lagi la.sekarang sorang2,and time exam nie la nk demam,batuk, sakit tekak segala.mak knows better sebab anak dia selalu akn sakit b4 exam.klau kat malaysia dulu,bila nak exam mak and akak mst dtg lawat sbb is either i'm sick or just to boost my spirit up.bawak pi mkn sedap2 and bg kata peransang yang takda org lain boleh bg.semangat btul nk siapa kata study kat malaysia bosan or study oversea ni best.if di malaysia,semua within reach.seb baik kawan2 baik2 semua org pun sebok nak exam kan.very understandable!i hope things get better once the exam finish.

oklah,i tanak melalut kata complaining nie tak membantu unless we do something to improve things.wish me luck ye poeple.i just want to pass.

Friday, November 20, 2009

marry me?

the title has nothing to do with me.and nope,incik ichigo hasn't pop up the Q yet.u'll figure out soon why i put this thing up.

besides skipping lectures and tutorial,there's another inappropriate thing (considering psychiatry exam is 6 days away)i did today!owh i really hate to tell u this but i already watched new moon people!(berlagak gila.hihi)i wont say a word about the movie because if i'm not careful enough,even a word could be a mouth sealed i can sit the exam at ease.hihi.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

.happy birthday.


happy birthday incik ichigo ku.

saya doakan anda sihat,gembira dan dirahmatiNya selalu.ameen.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

beauty attracts beauty.


i picked the title above from the book i'm reading now,eat pray love by elizabeth gilbert.i don't know why but i just couldn't agree more with that's not about me perasan's not about the the girl next door who just got hitched to a tall,dark and handsome's about all of's about our inner self that influence the choice of our least that's what i believed in.if i want someone yang baik,i have to be one.if i nak yang slim dan steady maybe i kena work out from now at least sebelum i start kerja sbb nt bz ya amat and lepas tu maybe i dah nak kawen sesangat=D(i'm only joking here!)haha.

so to incik ichigo,please forever be the way you are because never in my dreams i could be your beauty like i am now,in reality.

a handful + one.and still counting.


Bon Anniversaire mon chéri~



offnote:rindu nak sambung balik french class.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the balloons,i love.


hye people.mind the frequent entries for the last couple of days.i think i'm having manic attack of blogging.ha.ha.(now jeem is using all the psychiatric jargon that she could think of just to make u guys puzzle?!bad jeem.bad jeem)

manic attack ni klau dalam bahasa sakit mentalnya adalah apabila seseorang tu hyper/terlalu bersemangat yang keterlaluan.sbg contoh:dia akn buat segala kerja dlm satu hari tanpa perlu tidur,bercakap tanpa henti dan bercerita tentang keupayaan luarbiasa beliau seperti boleh membina kapal terbang atau pun ayat yang paling senang adalah seperti beliau berada di puncak dunia(i'm on top of the world!semuanya boleh!)selalunya keadaan ini akn berselang seli dengan episod kemurungan atau hypomania(bersemangat tinggi tetapi tidak seteruk manic)

ok back to today's topic.yesterday i got a chance to watch happy.i'd been wanting to watch this movie for ages.i still remember i was all excited in malaysia during summer for the movie premier.ended up the first day of its release was a day before puasa.i kept pestering my sister to go and watch with me but suddenly my mum wanted to tag along and of course that night tak boleh since she would be in the i have to cancel the plan to respect the holy month of ramdhan.well,no regret because i watched already and as expected,any movie from disney-pixar is brilliant as always!=)i think ellie and mr fredricksen is a shw-eeeet couple.and to grow old together with our loved ones is everyone's dream.when i was a kiddo,i always dreamt of my house attached to thousands of colorful balloons and just floating away exactly like in the seriously.usually cartoons are for kids(duh,mmgla kan)tp this one i think suits adults better as it contained moral values that is lacking in most movies nowadays.

another movie that i managed to watch in between weeks of psychiatry was AN EDUCATION.this movie is simple.based on novel by nick hornby(i've read one of his,but half way.maybe i was quite young at that time)it tells a story of this brilliant and talented secondary school girl who's dreaming of attending oxford to read english(language).her father is potrayed as a strict but caring father figure who wants the best for his daughter.she's doing well at school and well-liked by her peers.but the sun doesn't always shine.she was lured into another life by this one playboy who showered her with luxuries and love.this is when the importance of education and the power of love and keseronokan dan kekayaan sementara all mixed know what happen to this girl?kena la tgok.i love the setting of the movie,the accent they speak and 50-60's era=) but on top of that,this movie gave me insights on how VERY IMPORTANT education is and now i knew why my late father was veryyyyy strict when it comes to studies!this movie is indeed an eye-opener not only to teenagers but to all women generally.

offnote:aura membuat essay terbawak-bawak ke blog,hence the lengthy one this time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009



owh senangnya dalam hati.essay ku sudah siap.*let's sing together girls*hehe

hari ini so many things usual,there are good and bad things.for the good ones,i could never thank God enough for those.and for the bad ones,there's lotz to learn from them.sometimes we feel happy for no reason.and the same thing goes to sadness.(*owh apalah yang i merepek ni kan*hehe).

having learn psychiatry at the moment, even unstable emotion has its if you're feeling low(in terms of mood),no energy,lost appetite,losing weight and slowly losing interest in what u've been enjoying before(such as hobbies;ps3,wii,watching tv,golf,fishing,sex?yes,sex!),cannot sleep(tetiba jd early riser or u spend hours golek-golek atas katil) please seek help.this is not about stress's DEPRESSION!(owh don't be scared by the capital letters word which i shouldn't caps lock in the first place=P).this is just a phase of mental illness that shouldn't be creeping on you for the rest of your life.go seek help.pi clinic.forget the stigma ttg penyakit gila whatthe crap.this is about you,love yourself!go tell the doctor what u feel,since when this thing happen and the difficulties u'r facing in your daily life.iA,the doctor will tell you what to do.always remember that depression is just a phase of life that has its's not a life-long condition(it will be if u ignore treatment).so friends and foes,i know there are lotz of people who are having depression out there.please..please..come forward.tell your friend.tell your spouse.tell your's not your fault to be depressed.

dun let depression eat you slowly inside.

and say NO to commit suicide(GOD forbid!)

done with kerja kebajikan.u know when u learn something and u don't spread it around,it becomes a now i can give a *b......i.....g* sigh=)

next paragraph is mushi-mushi if u nk termuntah baca sila angkat kaki(i mean it).

~haritu incik ichigo kata dia ermmm........rindu i.
~i balas i rindu nak gaduh-gaduh manja la kan ngan dia.(gosh i lupa la the last time we gaduh.lama gila lah and the funny thing is lepas berdamai mst rsa 100x lae syg.haha)
~yesterday we fought and today we made peace.
~owh sangat tidak cool and hati berdarah gaduh nie rupanya.(see,dh lama smp lupa rsa dia)
~and next time klau dia ckp the same thing,i nk jwb mee too more jwpn merepek luar sedar.
~moral of the story:be careful for what u'r wishing for.

cerita tamat.

owh i lupa cerita baru di penang.
kat penang dah ada hard rock cafe+hotel.
lambatnya i baru tau.
kat ipoh ada ke? *senyum jahat* (=

offnote:tak sabar nak tgu 16hb.i think i wanna buy myself a bunch or roses,to celebrate.heeee....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



my L arm is more sore than the R.i got 2 japz today.the beauty of being medical students is we got the priority of being vaccinated earlier than ..well,non-patients and non-hospital staffs.hehe.the two are H1N1 and seasonal influenza's normal during winter for the influenza virus to get bersyukurlah penduduk di negara least u saved yourself from reccurent bouts of flu=)and regarding H1N1 tu,ireland slow sket nak develop pandemic baru skrg depa nk kelam kabut amik precautions what bagus jugak.balik mesia takyah pk pasal H1N1 nie dah.
saya kebal.cheewah.hehe

selain tangan sakit.hati pun sakit juga.

the soreness will go does the heartache.i hope.

okies.kena wat essay 1200 perkataan nie.i need psychiatrist here.bukan dh mereng tapi tolong wat essay sat.hehe.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009



kumbang saya dah balik.



welcome home!



last week had been hectic.not only i went down the country again for another peripheral rotation,me and dearest friends also had a good time dressing up for halloweeeeen!quick bits of what happened last week:

navan,co meath.
i'm calling this place bandar koboi.seriously it's small and still developing although it takes only about an hour from dublin by 9am,the shops still closed and it was quiet and very traffic and less people walking around at first i thought i was walking on public BnB(bed and breakfast=some sort of accomodations that available in ireland besides hostel and hotel.price is in between hotel and hostel.inclusive of breakfast hence the name)is so nice.bilik dia mcm nak honeymoon.katil dia besar dan tinggi benaq kena lompat sket untuk reminds me of my late grandma's bed.ala syle dulu2 tu.minus the tiang.hehe.

the bed

carpeted WC

tempat layan blues.haha.

tp bilik sebegitu tidak menggembirakan hati sgt sbb the location alahai jauh gila.45mins jalan dr hospital.pastu cuaca buruk dan sejuk.pastu kena stopped dgn van yang ala2 nak kidnap dan rape masa otw balik BnB dr clinic.huwaaaa.mmg trauma igt2 balik.balik BnB trus masuk selimut sbb takut ya amat.unpleasant memories altogether.i hope this is my last peripheral getting sicker to always have to go down the country.honestly i tak suka.enough said.

first time ever i was involved in halloween.selalu tgok je irish pakai costumes pelik2.this yr,one of my housemates suggested we dress up as whatever we could think of and gather at smithfield(jay's and fido's).the costumes were all either borrowed or owned by we don't spend.well if yang spend pun less than 10euro.but what matter the most is everyone really put efforts in making halloween a blast and the best part is everyone was shocked seeing each other with their costumes on.and by looking at the end result.......mmg semua org buat all-out.impressive!unfortunately i don't have enough pictures to prove my words sbb most pics in my digi cam turned out blurred.sila check my facebook if anyone interested lah.ini gambar yang kureng blur.

on the way to smithfield.pit stop:temple bar to watch halloween parade.ended up we yang parade.we felt like celebrities due to non-stop camera flashes and never-ending sounds of shutter(shutter bunyi eh?erk?!) my beloved housemates(the sweet gyspy,the scary joker,the kawaii japanese student and an exotic geisha)with darth vader and owh-the-light-saber!:P

the black clan.

i love this picture the made me laugh=D

i think my hands are's chill to the bone even with the heater on and i'm not joking!finally the most awaiting winter is here.