Tuesday, November 3, 2009



last week had been hectic.not only i went down the country again for another peripheral rotation,me and dearest friends also had a good time dressing up for halloweeeeen!quick bits of what happened last week:

navan,co meath.
i'm calling this place bandar koboi.seriously it's small and still developing although it takes only about an hour from dublin by bus.at 9am,the shops still closed and it was quiet and very calm.no traffic and less people walking around at first i thought i was walking on public holiday.my BnB(bed and breakfast=some sort of accomodations that available in ireland besides hostel and hotel.price is in between hotel and hostel.inclusive of breakfast hence the name)is so nice.bilik dia mcm nak honeymoon.katil dia besar dan tinggi benaq kena lompat sket untuk duduk.it reminds me of my late grandma's bed.ala syle dulu2 tu.minus the tiang.hehe.

the bed

carpeted WC

tempat layan blues.haha.

tp bilik sebegitu tidak menggembirakan hati sgt sbb the location alahai jauh gila.45mins jalan dr hospital.pastu cuaca buruk dan sejuk.pastu kena stopped dgn van yang ala2 nak kidnap dan rape masa otw balik BnB dr clinic.huwaaaa.mmg trauma igt2 balik.balik BnB trus masuk selimut sbb takut ya amat.unpleasant memories altogether.i hope this is my last peripheral rotation.is getting sicker to always have to go down the country.honestly i tak suka.enough said.

first time ever i was involved in halloween.selalu tgok je irish pakai costumes pelik2.this yr,one of my housemates suggested we dress up as whatever we could think of and gather at smithfield(jay's and fido's).the costumes were all either borrowed or owned by ourselves.so we don't spend.well if yang spend pun less than 10euro.but what matter the most is everyone really put efforts in making halloween a blast and the best part is everyone was shocked seeing each other with their costumes on.and by looking at the end result.......mmg semua org buat all-out.impressive!unfortunately i don't have enough pictures to prove my words sbb most pics in my digi cam turned out blurred.sila check my facebook if anyone interested lah.ini gambar yang kureng blur.

on the way to smithfield.pit stop:temple bar to watch halloween parade.ended up we yang parade.we felt like celebrities due to non-stop camera flashes and never-ending sounds of shutter(shutter bunyi eh?erk?!) my beloved housemates(the sweet gyspy,the scary joker,the kawaii japanese student and an exotic geisha)with darth vader and owh-the-light-saber!:P

the black clan.

i love this picture the most.it made me laugh=D

i think my hands are numb.it's chill to the bone even with the heater on and i'm not joking!finally the most awaiting winter is here.

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