Friday, November 20, 2009

marry me?

the title has nothing to do with me.and nope,incik ichigo hasn't pop up the Q yet.u'll figure out soon why i put this thing up.

besides skipping lectures and tutorial,there's another inappropriate thing (considering psychiatry exam is 6 days away)i did today!owh i really hate to tell u this but i already watched new moon people!(berlagak gila.hihi)i wont say a word about the movie because if i'm not careful enough,even a word could be a mouth sealed i can sit the exam at ease.hihi.


mrs.lune said...

ugh..jeles ni.
new moon sampai malaysia bulan depan. cepatlaa.

jeem said...

mgu depan rabu dah kuaq kat tic cepat=P

mrs.lune said...

ha ah la. bukan bln depan. tersilap date. hehehehe.
yayyyy! mlm raya haji boleh tgk =)