Thursday, July 29, 2010



everyone at home has caught a fair share of different kind of illness at the moment.and yet i'm leaving to k.l again tomorrow which i don't think is a good idea at all.anyhow,the matters that'll take me there are reasonably wrong to i booked the tics.and aloha k.l!i'll be leaving tomorrow and come back on sunday(hopefully)!i really miss home!(although i'm home).and talking about going to k.l during this mega-sale period,i've already started dreaming of doing a bit of retail theraphy while i'm there.the problem is,i just did a massive shopping of few good pieces of tops and accessories  in penang which burnt a huge hole in my sis's pocket(which i(or WE) dare not telling my mum about)!haha(evil laugh).so i better be good.furthermore puasa is just around the corner and i guess some saving up would definately benefit me comes raya!

offnote,an email form the sea really cheer me up and elevates my mood  now that a euphoric i am.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

dont dare to read this.


i could never feel as irritated as i am right now.everything that i planned has gone down the drain.the fact that some people didn't do their work as best as they promised makes me angrier!hey miss/mrs.....can you just imagine if your significant other was in the shoes?i bet u'll cry your lungs out if you were me!i hope you do! much as i hoped i was calmer,the irritation was unberable!it was like when u woke up from a sleep and having a bad dream and yet the bad dream is one hell of  a reality that i have to force myself facing it!

take a deep breath in,and out......*sigh*

yes,they decided to keep mr fiance for another 12 f**king days!itu klau dia tak lupa nk cari reliever lah kan?!

goodbye cuti-cuti malaysia.i guess i sambut syir dengan berpuasa bersama-sama sahaje.what a nobel way of celebrating homecoming :()

i really wanted to curse the day u were born but if i do,we are two same heartless i decided to let you off the hook.but forgiveness is nowhere near  forgetting,just so u know.

p/s:mind the language.the words just slipped thru when i'm typing away.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010



i started missing things that beyond reach.

i miss dublin.i miss my student life.i misss friends that i used to hang out with,go road-tripping with,sama-sama nervous nk masuk bilik OSCE before's all(the memories) coming back to me now.i think that my status now as a penganggur just making things worse.i like being at home.slept till mid-day,killing time by reading things beside medicine and going places for the purpose of holiday semata-mata.who would resist all those things?tp it just isn't me.ntah..rasa hidup kosong.juga menyusahkan keluarga for not being able to contribute much.saya mungkin harus bersabar sedikit is already syaaban,then comes ramadhan.lepas raya im all yours....kementerian kesihatan malaysia(owh pedihnya fact nie.huhu)

on a brighter note,the offshore period for mr fiance is nearly up.if the agent manage to find his reliever i might get to see him again next mon/tues.from the bottom of my heart,i really hope this will happen.kalau awak kata awak penat,saya penat juga.menunggu.sila pulang cepat.i just wanna be me in front of you for the first time.i really miss you.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



seronok aja tgok bila bloghop geng-geng sekapal yg lain dah berjumpa org tersayang.

buka satu blog,owh papa si chomel dah balik. :D

jalan-jalan lagi,owh incik suami sudah pulang. :)

intai-intai yang lain,yey incik tunang dia datang melawat. :P

jenguk-jenguk lagi satu,owh boyfriend-boyfriend mereka dh sign off. =)

yang paling best,ada antara mereka yang dapat turun gile!

tetiba jdi kesian pada diri sendiri..

: ' (

p/s:i think i deserve a cry.

Friday, July 2, 2010



i baru call agent syir kat office mnta dia dpt balik ontime which is in the end of july.bukan seminggu,2mgu atau sebulan after the expected release date sebab nti dh bulan puasa.i hope she really means what she has said."kita akan buat kerja kita dengan sebaiknya".i have a good feeling that she will walk the talk as my syir has quite an impressive history on being released ontime(a few days or a week tu kira cincai la...since tak pernah rasanya he being held captive onboard for more than a month overdued).

owh masa cepatla...cepatla...i dah rindu nak pi fishing dengan dia.pastu lumba-lumba siapa dpt ikan byk dan gelakkan masing-masing siapa dpt buntal(pufferfish!this devil is not only poisonous,but it bites the hook and plummet/sinker smp putus!) and now tgh musim durian...i nk ajak dia makan durian kat balik pulau near the place we went fishing the last time.


p/s:sekejap je hati dah berbunga-bunga.baru td igt nak buat entry pasal hati kosong.hati kosong?apakah?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

too full to be true.


kawan smp syurga....
bersabar,bertahan dan please kuat.
things will get me.


take care.