Thursday, May 28, 2009



tonight will be the last nite i have to be in labour ward.

********hawaian dancing**************

bukan tak best,cuma sleep cycle mmg 360 degree changed and comes together puffy saggy eyes with it.huuuu kan dh nampak 5 tahun tua dr umur yg sediakala mencecah setaun-lagi-nak-smp-suku-abad.

anyway,selama nie saya sgt kagum dengan all the 7 wonders of the world,u know colosseum,great wall of china,taj mahal and the are the latest one.

after 4 nights seeing and believing what happened in the labour ward,i think i found a new addition to the present 7 wonders of the world,the eighth one.jeng..jeng..jeng...!


hahah.cara ini mmg magic.magic tau tak.the differences on women with and without epidural are significantly obvious!initially she could be in excruciating pain with all the sweat and tears but once the epidural kicks in,she's just lying on her back chatting away with the husband and the midwife like nothing happen and some even fell asleep and has to be awaken when the right time comes to push the baby out.klau yang tak pakai tu,masyaAllah jerit satu hospital boleh dengaq.and i did asked one of the anaesthethist which happen to be a malaysian which i thought another midwife before hand,(and malangnya siap tanya lagi.."r u a midviwe here?"no,i'm the anesthetist"dong!).she told me better to go on epidural since it helps a lot with the pain and no point to act heroic if there's something to help us facing the pain soo effectively.but they are drawbacks of using epi.hypotension,dizziness and shakiness,massive headache and prolongation of 2nd stage of labour(btween full dilation of the cervix and delivery of the baby) are among all but worry not.the medical staffs will monitor your vitals every now and then i'm sure they are all being in their consideration if u're on epi.

but if u feel like giving birth natural way or hate it when ur body being poked by huge needles then no problemo.we have pethidine,painkiller jugak whereby we injected into ur bump and entonox,an inhaled gas consist of 50%nitrus oxide and 50% oxygen both act to lessen ur pain but work to the lesser extent of epidural.and yeah quite a number of women did just great depending on them.=)

okies..itu sahaja wahai ibu-ibu mengandung sekalian.any Qs don't hesitate to ask.try my best to answer.

in a nutshell,always remember u are special and u deserve the best care any staff could give.

till next time then.


Monday, May 25, 2009

it's ok sweetheart.


my tummy is having a bad day today..i felt bloated the whole day.i think excessive consumption of ayam masak cili could be the reason.anyway,my aym masak cili tastes like aym percik at the end of the day.blame the coconut milk.

a few texts from nagasaki make me drooling of japanese-made sushi and japanese ramen and owh not forgotten excellent choices of levi's jeans which some are not available anywhere else.wish i could be there and help him choosing the best-suited levi's jeans and most importantly choose a pair of my own;P .i'm always fascinated by his stories about japan.but i don't think he'll bring me to japan one day as buying flight tix is just a waste of money as he can go there back and forth FOC or fully paid by misc.sheesh..too bad azimah.

anyhoot,seeing women in labour made me think twice of getting pregnant.well,although it's not going to happen anytime soon but as a lady it's something possible(can't say definately as everything comes from the ONE and ONLY) to happen to me right?hehe.and tabik spring lah to all mother.from morning sickness to third stage of labour,i tak rasa lelaki sanggup tanggung all those things more than once.maybe ada but how many?provocative sket.i'm not being's just another point to support the phrase"syurga di bawah telapak kaki ibu".

have a nice day all.

Friday, May 22, 2009

behind smiles.


another friend turning 24.owh how i wish we still 19.yes not 21 but one.nine.

i hate knowing the fact that im already in a category with the big t.w.o at the front and yet i love doing what only those with the big t.w.o are permitted to do.

perhaps this is the reason why god created dementia.


dunno what's dementia?go google.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

looking sideways.

picture courtesy of jay baharin and hadi ahmad


today,i took a step forward towards m.d.first module done.doing GP(general practice)was something's superficial in most ways according to my friend and i couldn't agree more.regarding exams,the MCQ(multiple choice Questions) or shall i say true or false questions(tak la multiple in choices pun) was ok.+1 for correct answer,-1 for incorrect one and 0 for the unanswered.u read,u presentation was so-so.however,osce(objective structured clinical examination) was a disaster!i could've done better in performing bad.sobs.anyway,it's all been done.lepas nie kena tawakal tgu result is obstetric and gynaecology.i hope the journey will be smooth sailing all along.ameen.

today is a MOBILE PHONE day!2 mobiles in a day is a lot to dealt with.but at least we have something to talk and laugh about during lunch.hehe.ask my GP colleagues for more info.=D

today,finally after 3 days of dissappearing,i received another email from the open sea.yes,i waited patiently for the email for few days's worrying when someone has been sending u emails religiously and suddenly everything came to a halt without any warning.called me paranoid but i just couldn't afford to lose anything right now.especially when u start taking ur relationship seriously.ehem.

today,i encountered 'yusof' on a few occasions and i think i loved it.

today,i've been doing some serious's more of self-reflection to be ambitions are all sky high.dreams even higher they are far from reach.despite those, i always told myself not to give up on chasing them,in facts they are all possible to happen but of course with one obvious condition,WORK HARD!just work's not even rocket science.just work hard.but it is difficult to keep this positive attitude at it's optimum level all the time as no matter how hard i tried,the work is getting harder and harder sometimes i have to stop running and panting for breaths before continue the chase.or is it just a nature of life everyone goes through?owh yeah,IT IS ACTUALLY.see i told ya,it is a serious thinking.

and finally,today i just realized i have the most boring entry in this whole blogosphere.

before signing off,good perfume always wins me at hello=)


Sunday, May 10, 2009

and so i heard you from afar.


happy mother's u infinity.

quote lawak semperna hari ibu dr
text dr seorang pendengar:
"mak saya mmg nombor 1.even berkerja semasa dlm pantang/baru lepas melahirkan anak.mak saya bekerja sbg pemandu van sekolah."
dj 1:ahaha.dahsat lah.terpikir sambil bawak van bertungku nie..
dj 2:hahah.a'ah la kan.abestu macam mana dia panaskan tungku tu?
dj 1:enjin!!!

i dunno why,i found this very funny.ahaha.:imagination runs wild for a while: wahaha.

i'm amazed on how technology has progressed beyond expectations.and perhaps "sky is the limit" is outdated anymore?

thank you technology.with ur help,dublin-hakata is only like 10km away.

tak sia-sia.hehe.

Monday, May 4, 2009

beautifully imperfect.


when my father was still alive,he insisted that mak cook for him every single day.he's a very choosy person who didn't eat outside and didn't fancy take-aways.when the clock strikes 6,she would start preparing dinner and that's what she's been doing for 41 years.sometimes mak membebel to us saying how she would like time-off from cooking once in a while.

but on the evening of the funeral day,when i called her at home she was crying while telling me she should be cooking at that time as my dad would come back from work and they would eat together.

how many of us are strong enough to swallow those imperfections in the name of love?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i just wanna be me.

wif u by my side.

kapal nk gerak esok.

j:u work hard

i:u study hard

damn.kan dah kena studi hard.lenkali nk cakap u, kerja slow-slow or rilex-rilex.mst dia cakap u,studi slow-slow,rilex-rilexhaha.ntah apa-apa.

today,the brain just refused to work harder.come on brain,dun let me down.i need your full function to the!

last friday,a friend of mine went travelling by herself.she came to my house asking for advice about stockholm and with a map of stockholm i gave her off she went.a.l.o.n.e!she took a flight to oslo and then hop on the bus to stockholm that evening.arrived the next day,spent half-a-day in the capital city of sweden and took another bus back to oslo that very night.the next day she took a flight back to she's safe and sound here as i just got a call from her.from her voice i could tell she really had a great time in the scandinavian countries.hats off!it's not easy tau nk travel sorang2.sebut stockholm,rasa nk senyum sorang-sorang.ah,kenangan.

okey,i received a signal telling me the brain is ready to give its best shots.
c ya.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

long lasting hope.


tried to call mak but to no avail.i guess she's attending another wedding reception.owh yes,it's my cousin's today.minah,if you're reading this,I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST IN MARRIED's gonna be a bit tough at first but i'm sure u guys will pull through.hehe.dah kawen pun hang naa.ish how time flies and u're a wifey now.congratulations babe!

movie buffs alert:calling all X-men fans,please make time by dumping all ur busyness in the bin and go watch X-men origins,wolverine at your nearest cinema.and please dun buy pirated's worth watching on the big screen.cyclop serious kacak dr zaman remaja haha and gambit mmg cool lah.

incik ichigo's happee-yippee time is up.he's gonna sign on another misc fleet tomorrow.i somehow knew the happiness is gonna be shortlasted.however,there's another hope/dream waiting to be realised soon.yang penting sabar.hope the sea will take a good care of you and co-operate more in terms of less rolling and more maxis/celcom coverage please!and after his normal 7months onboard we both are having time off from work and studies(not fully hols for me but whateve,saya nk bercuti jugak) at the same time.finally.pertama kali dalam sejarah nie.hikhikhik.he hates it when i full-heartedly believe that this gonna be real this time and start making plans because seeing how devastated i was before due to change of schedule by his company has broken his heart to whenever i lay out the plans for future,dia akan tukaq topic lain.sounds cruel but i know it's for my own good.he's a realistic,i'm on the other hand a full time daydreamer.haha.

and last but not least,another exam approaching soon.owh it's less than 2 weeks.mamps! to ya soon.happee weekend folks!