Saturday, May 22, 2010

highlights of may.


1)i just got an invitation to my conferring ceremony and reception a few days ago.yeay!it's on the 3rd june at 11 am.hoh,finally i get to wear the robe which consists of a gown and hood.and my request for an extra pass into the hall had been granted!so no one will be left outside.double yeay!

2)i am busy packing my things into boxes right now.after 6 years,one can imagine how many clothes,books,begs,shoes and whatnots that i've been accumulating in my room.i wish mak and kakak were here now instead of on the 2nd june to help me out main problem is these boxes are to be collected by tomorrow!*pengsan!*

3)can't believe i'm actually leaving this room,house for good soon.definately going to miss the sounds of neighbor chit-chatting with her elderly friends(that indicates she's still alive:btw,she'a an old lady),playing piano(creepy sometimes especially at night),and having party till 10am the next day(not nice,i tell ya)

i'm excited to start things anew in my beloved country but at the same time i have this mixed feelings what if things don't turn out the way i expected?


Friday, May 21, 2010



today is the day when i typed so many entries and published them but at the end the day,they are either being deleted or saved as a many things happened in between that eventually resulted in me having headache and lost interest to write at all.luckily i have some courtesy left to explain this.

i think i might retire early tonight.

p/s:how to bring back the lost excitement in a relationship just in case anyone knows?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

not another minute

im about to declare procrastination as my biggest enemy in a sec.i hafta.with boxes, unfolded leaning on the wall,laundry spinning in the washing machine,luggage contained of mixed clothes from previous and upcoming trips and a few more bookings to be done...i think im in a great mess!

okay,i'm gonna start functioning as a maidhuman now.where's the hangers again?

offnote:i hope we wont receive any cancelling email from the airlines company for tomorrow's trip.i did received one at 1430 for my 1455 flight the other day and i only managed to check the email after i safely landed at the cancelled destination.what a joke of the day!oslo and berlin,here we come :D pray for our safety dear readers.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010



forget the breathtaking views for a while.seeing an old friend and reminiscing about our golden days back in secondary school is aesthetic! lying side by side with your old friend on the left and best friend on the right while catching up on each other's latest news and going-ons in life is truly happiness that makes me want to lay like that forever.i wished!

dublin welcomed me back with grey sky and cold shivery breeze.even after 6 years i still couldn't befriend its weather.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


the avoca trip really worn me out.i spent most of the time today sleeping.syir has just anchored  but i decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do,in other words i just lack of energy even to have a chat with him and some discussions between us has tire me more.but whatever it is,i love him anyway.

the official result has just been glad i got the title finally.the journey was excruciating yet worthwhile.besides graduation,there are a couple of things that i look forward to.

5-11 mei:nice and monaco
14-20 mei:oslo and berlin
24 mei:arrival of mak,kakak and abg.will meet them in heathrow
24-27 mei:london
27 mei-2 june:venice,florence and rome
5-8 june:paris
9 june:malaysia.

for the wonderful life,Alhamdulillah.segala pujian hanya untukNYA.

Monday, May 3, 2010



i had a good time with the magnificents watching iron man 2 this's not like other action-packed movies which are stressful all the way from the beginning till the end.this movie gives us a bit of laughs here and there and robert downey jr really nailed the iron man character.he's like a middle age man who's hot!(if u know what i mean ;P).if u have watched the first one,then u must watch the second.more robots for sure.apparently marvel's collections never disappoint me.

and ladies......
put on your louboutins or blahniks and let's enjoy the next SITC sequel..... it's gonna be on cinema on the 28th may.i dunno whether the premier is gonna be on the same date worldwide.i hope least before i go back to malaysia for good.takut malaysia tak lepas censorship board.hehe.

eh jap....28 may i dekat italy.
hurmmm.....girls,malam graduation jom!!!!!!!!!!

oklah.actually i HAVE to start packing.i'll jump in the car again tomorrow for another road trip in Ireland.this is probably the last one as each and everyone of us gonna be scattered around europe within a couple days time.this makes me sad already.the last 6 years have been wonderful with them around.after this we'll be sent to new places to start anew and meet new i wish things stay the same but then,this is life.
maybe something better awaits us in the future kan?we still have the memories that will remain forever.IAllah...

p/s:mr big reminds me of syir.i think they have similarities in some ways.haha.on the other hand i think i have chemistry with carrie..........'s walk-in walkdrobe!what do you think? i miss him already.esok mungkin dia smp bintulu and he told me kapal will anchor for a week in IS may!

Sunday, May 2, 2010



harini marathon series di atas dr episod 2-15.haritu dh tertengok episod exam punya pasal terpaksa postpon samp last semua kerja terbengkalai.tapi puas hati.cerita nie best.

watak lelaki utama.di potray as seoarng lelaki yg perfect.ada segala:rupa,harta and a golden heart although a bit control freak at first.tapi in reality,rasanya tiada kot lelaki seperfect ni.

watak perempuan utama.di paksa kahwin pada usia yg muda,bukan dengan kekasih hati,tetapi dengan pilihan apa bercinta lepas kahwin dengan husband sendri?maya nie dilemma antara suami dan 1st love dia.small issues in her marriage actually drift her back to her first love.subtle issues such as husband doesn't include her in decison making,working to hard...etc.dan sebenarnya benda2 kecil macam ni lah yg hancurkan perhubungan byk org.

watak antagonis.first love maya.very determine to get maya back.dia buat saya geram!

well,i'm not married yet.but this story nak kata berat tu tak lah sgt tp agak 'practical'. byk subtle and hidden messages yg saya dpt.kdg-kdg lelaki sempurna bukan segalanya.mungkin pada pandangan mata org luar.he may have everything that most women want but lack of one little thing that essential to the partner.dan kadang-kadang juga lelaki insensitive.tak berat nk bertanya apa yg partner/wife tu nak sebenarnya dlm r'ship she really happy?bgi perempuan pula,kdg-kdg,yg depan mata tak dipandang.yg jauh dikenang-kenang.let's say if maya tak buat perangai,they could live happily ever after tapi adakah maya akn hidup dlm ketidak puasan hati sbb diketepikan dr pelbagai perkara yang dianggap kecil oleh adam.dan mungkin juga adam won't pursue his interest like photography.untuk nk memahami issue nie dengan lebih jelas,sila tgok 500 days of summer.then u'll understand what i mean.tak semua bad endings will lead to disastrous life.but still,if we have an awesome partner,why on earth looking for troubles by cheating with someone else.hey ,that's not nice! ;P

weee.....susah rupanya hidup berumah tangga ni.ahaks.

Saturday, May 1, 2010



provisional result for final exam of medicine was out yesterday.
thank you Allah,the most gracious and most merciful.couldn't be more happier.

when i was told i passed,the first person that i called is mak.she sounded happy.actually this is for her.for always be my pillar of strength,who never tired of giving me  her unconditional love,prayers and supports throughout my 6 years abroad being a medical student.she told me the whole family was praying hard for my success.God bless them for that.i couldn't thank them enough.

and to mr fiance,look how far we've come.thank you for always being there and may God bless you for your patience.

now,dah jdi penganggur tetap.huhu

congrats UCD class 2010.we finally made it doctors! :D