Monday, May 3, 2010



i had a good time with the magnificents watching iron man 2 this's not like other action-packed movies which are stressful all the way from the beginning till the end.this movie gives us a bit of laughs here and there and robert downey jr really nailed the iron man character.he's like a middle age man who's hot!(if u know what i mean ;P).if u have watched the first one,then u must watch the second.more robots for sure.apparently marvel's collections never disappoint me.

and ladies......
put on your louboutins or blahniks and let's enjoy the next SITC sequel..... it's gonna be on cinema on the 28th may.i dunno whether the premier is gonna be on the same date worldwide.i hope least before i go back to malaysia for good.takut malaysia tak lepas censorship board.hehe.

eh jap....28 may i dekat italy.
hurmmm.....girls,malam graduation jom!!!!!!!!!!

oklah.actually i HAVE to start packing.i'll jump in the car again tomorrow for another road trip in Ireland.this is probably the last one as each and everyone of us gonna be scattered around europe within a couple days time.this makes me sad already.the last 6 years have been wonderful with them around.after this we'll be sent to new places to start anew and meet new i wish things stay the same but then,this is life.
maybe something better awaits us in the future kan?we still have the memories that will remain forever.IAllah...

p/s:mr big reminds me of syir.i think they have similarities in some ways.haha.on the other hand i think i have chemistry with carrie..........'s walk-in walkdrobe!what do you think? i miss him already.esok mungkin dia smp bintulu and he told me kapal will anchor for a week in IS may!

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