Saturday, September 25, 2010

of getting married.


eventhough the predicted date is somewhere next year,fiance has already pastering me to go look out for wedding neccessities.and thinking bout this again,it's somehow refreshing as my initial thought would be he had zero interest in planning the big day just yet.but hey,thank GOD i was wrong.having an understanding and responsible partner is crucial to makesure we have a forward progression in preparing for our big day.after two wedding boutiques,i feel like throwing up already.seriously the idea of getting married and what to do in order to get married is STILL stagnant since aeon ago.mcm tak berkembang.owh wake-up call.sila lah datang.or am i just not ready yet?hurm..esok i seriously kena buat a rough plan of my wedding to-do list.perhaps,it'll excite me to start preparing for REAL!

well,off-topic,i flipped over some pages in fashion megazine and i just fell in love with this...

one of tods fall/winter 2010/2011 collections

dulu kat ireland boleh la tgok2 klau any cheaper brands plagiat style nie and if affordable i beli je.skrg dlm mimpi je la.huhu.

okies.i need to go sleep.nite2 everyone.

Thursday, September 23, 2010



after 4 days together,he left home leaving me wondering what to do tomorrow.usually every morning i woke up early and we had breakfast together.being able to wish him good morning face to face had been the sweetest thing!seeing him,walking towards him and and seeing he smiles to me.....things are so beautiful even having a row feels good.haha mum classified this as love sick that goes away once a couple got married but i hope we make it lasts forever,this love sick. :D

now i have tonnes of work to do after being sick for a while :p


Sunday, September 12, 2010



a short update about this year's eid.mine alhamdulillah semua lancar je.cuma kurang happenng sket.perhaps because mak is far away in the holy soon as mak comes back,baru nak masak2 meriah's another 3days of waiting and i'm already sick missing her.syir once told me this is how she felt when i was far away in ireland and if this is true,i think i made the right choice by coming back here for good.huhu.however,rindu,rindu jugak.makan mmg the best. i had to frequently reminded myself that my body cannot tolerate foods that well that i would put on weight sooo very easily.maybe that's the only way of holding me back from swallowing whatever that i came across for the past 3 days.hehe.bukan nk berdiet sgt pun..cuma nk jd lebih health concious sedikit.wawawa!and beraya bersama kakak-kakak,abg dan anak2 sedara best juga.the kids la make it more fun.i love teasing my 5 year old niece whenever she's counting her duit raya that would grabbed her bag and hid it somewhere until she cried,like really cried.poor the kid. :D

as beraya bersama incik tunang for the first time is simply fabulous!i lost count on how many times both of us exchanged raya wishes thru texts and calls smp even raya ke-3 still ada.betapa jakunnya kami.haha.dia 5 tahun away and i enam.still my number beat his but number is just a number.apa yang penting?kerjasamaexperience :D

dan sepanjang raya nie i gigih dok habeskan this korean drama yang sgtlah masyuk.haish...hero nih mmg buat saya tak boleh tido...patutla mak saya tak pernah miss tengok boys over flower dulu smp saya naik hairan.

the title in english is personal preference or personal taste.and for the first time i dpt exposure about a furniture designer.korean mmg creative.their drma series or movies always have different themes and not as cliche as ehem....malay dramas.i'm sorry but since coffee prince mmg i dh kagum sbb drama melayu mana ada nk kupas pasal pembuat kopi dan pereka perobot in details kan?hehe.itu just a few examples that came if anyone bored mcm saya,sila lah layannnnnzzzz!

eh lupa pulak,selamat hari raya aidilfitri everyone.maaf zahir dan batin. :D

Monday, September 6, 2010

tagging game.


i was tagged again.this time by cik imma,a member of a group i've known thru syir(happening gile group nie tak tipu)

since i have a minute a two before i go to bed,so here goes:

1) Adakah anda rasa HOT?
depending on what do you mean by hot?sexy ke...CUN ke?....or panas suke marah ke.if all of the above,i'm neither.suam-suam kuku saja saya nie.hikhik.

2)Upload wallpaper PC/Laptop yang anda guna sekarang...?
i couldn't upload it.but let me tell ya is a simple picture of me and my late father

3) Cerita Pasal Gambar Ini...?
it was during kenduri kesyukuran before i flew to ireland back in's an old picture but a very meaningful one.

4) Kali Terakhir Makan Pizza...?
owh how random this Q compare to the previous one :).well...i couldn't remember.erm..let me think....yes,the last time i had some was when im in venice italy with my was made there and then and it's a hugeeeeee one.besar tudung saji.tak tipu.sedap gile.dah lama rupanya tak mkn pizza.

5)Lagu Terakhir Anda Dengar...?
lagu raya dalam jusco tdi.tajuk lupa.hehe.

6)Apa Yang Anda Buat Selain Menyelesaikan Tag Ini...?
goyang kaki.hehe.(and tgh fikir jawapan kepada soalan nie)

7) Selain Nama Sendiri, Anda Dipanggil Nama Apa...?
maksu(by my nieces and nephews dan dotdotdot by syir)muahahah.

8) Tag Lagi 5 Orang Siapa Yer Nak Tag Nie...?
since i met some new bloggers,i would like to get to know them here the newly-added friends in my list(and those i belum kenakan mana-mana tag before):
1.zura the dentist-to-be
2..k.maslina mommy rizqullah
4.dr ainarasyid
5.kerry(sbb dia just celeb her 2*buffday!happy belated buffday dear!sorry my fb ada prob i couldn't wish you as the prezzie dia tag nie,boleh kan?)hihi

9) Siapa Orang No.1 Pada Anda...???

she's a dental student whose  blog i read once in a while(kire silent reader lah nie.hope u dont mind ;p) and she's also a mariner's gf.

10. Katakan Sesuatu Pada Orang No.5
my best friend masa matrix.i paling suka dia panggil nama i 'jeeemaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh'.hihi.a very cute friend of mine.

11. No.3 Ada Hubungan Dengan Sape...???

hoh?!i think dengan bf dia kot.siapa lagi kan.:D

12. Bagaimana Pulak Dengan No.2...???
i just read her blog just now.a mariner's wife as well who has a very cheeky son!comel betul.itu je i tahu.hye kak maslina*wave!*hihi

13. Kata² Cinta Dengan Orang No.4...???
let her partner do this.hehe.he knows best.

14. Berikan Perkara Yang Anda Tau Tentang Orang Yang Tag Anda....
she's called gedik-geli-girlz(but trust me....dia baik gila despite the fancy name.hehe.)
sgt peramah ya amattttt!
syir once had mistaken her for me.haha.
a very good friend yang sgt kebal kalau kena usik ngan the other members of the group.
akan back-up i dlm fb klau kena attack.hehe.thanks imma!
phew...can't believe i just did 14 Qs of a tag.byk rupenye and i spend nearly an hour or so or maybe!time flies bila buat tag rupenye.hehe.oklah.esok i ada 2 major housechores nak dibuat.huhuhuhu.malas yg rasa nk kuar dating je ni.blerh.