Saturday, September 25, 2010

of getting married.


eventhough the predicted date is somewhere next year,fiance has already pastering me to go look out for wedding neccessities.and thinking bout this again,it's somehow refreshing as my initial thought would be he had zero interest in planning the big day just yet.but hey,thank GOD i was wrong.having an understanding and responsible partner is crucial to makesure we have a forward progression in preparing for our big day.after two wedding boutiques,i feel like throwing up already.seriously the idea of getting married and what to do in order to get married is STILL stagnant since aeon ago.mcm tak berkembang.owh wake-up call.sila lah datang.or am i just not ready yet?hurm..esok i seriously kena buat a rough plan of my wedding to-do list.perhaps,it'll excite me to start preparing for REAL!

well,off-topic,i flipped over some pages in fashion megazine and i just fell in love with this...

one of tods fall/winter 2010/2011 collections

dulu kat ireland boleh la tgok2 klau any cheaper brands plagiat style nie and if affordable i beli je.skrg dlm mimpi je la.huhu.

okies.i need to go sleep.nite2 everyone.


Myra said...


denial nmpk? lol

in my case, wakeup kol once dh pegi tgk baju (sbb dia test kain on me) so bila tgk refleksi diri cm uiyo lainnya aku


and then barang2 suma dah nampak ;)

yeay blh wedding talk! lol

jeem said...


i pun rasa in denial teramat sgt.mcm terlalu awal nk prepare but our r'ship seriously need extra time utk nk prepare semua.hopefully nti i lebih pun syir dah bising-bising kat i suruh start.klau tak...mungkin di alam mimpi.btw...baju kawen mmg i rasa terlalu gemok now.haha.kena slim down sket bru nk try.wawawa!