Thursday, September 23, 2010



after 4 days together,he left home leaving me wondering what to do tomorrow.usually every morning i woke up early and we had breakfast together.being able to wish him good morning face to face had been the sweetest thing!seeing him,walking towards him and and seeing he smiles to me.....things are so beautiful even having a row feels good.haha mum classified this as love sick that goes away once a couple got married but i hope we make it lasts forever,this love sick. :D

now i have tonnes of work to do after being sick for a while :p



PurpearlLyna said...

bunga bunga cinta. hehehe.
i can see ur happily face !

jeem said...

lyna:dahsyatnye u bole tgok i dr jauh nie.bile nk turun penang?

Myra said...

lol comel la ur mom

i faham perasaan look fwd itu!
and the perasaan ala kena tunggu lagi


jeem said...

erm..LDR mmg camni..huhu.bile dah jmpa pun stil rindu.haha.mak i sakit mate tgok bdk2 skrg bercinta.haha.tu yg dia came up with that term tu.haha