Saturday, February 28, 2009

stockholm syndrome-epi.2 (museums are everywhere)


temperature:-3 degree celcius
mood:mixed.happy to be here yet a bit down sbb esok nk balik dublin

for those who love museums and art not forgeting architecture,do come to stockholm.this is the place whére you can find museums and art galleries every 100 metres.for people who appreciate interior design like moi....u'll be happy to find so many shops and places where the interior designs are actually the main thing that invites u modern and minimalist kinda way.swedes definately have good taste.

had a good time shopping.nothing extravagant,yours truly just bought souvenirs to be brought home.incik ichigo did a lot of shopping though.the old town which is just a stone throw away from the hostels really has lots to offer.from souvenirs shops to fine restaurants,it took almost a day to cover them all.but the most enjoyable thing as usual is photography.i love taking many pictures of him at the old-fashioned streets around the old town.and for the first time he wasn't reluctant to pose and do as what i instructed him to.hehe.

tomorrow dah nk balik dublin.sedey=( all in all,i have fun.if i have a chance,i would certainly come here again and revisit the places i'd been together with the memories left this kena kerja kuat-kuat lepas nie and save as much money as i possibly can.

okies.need to go packing.
till next time.

Friday, February 27, 2009

stockholm syndrome-epi. 1 (cold)


temperature:0 degree celcius
mood:lomantik lorr=)and a bit hyped!

haha,tukaq sket format menulis.we are freezing with the temp pada takat beku.sungai dan laut diselimuti joke.while crossing the bridge to the other side of stockholm,i was telling incik ichigo that sesiapa yang terslip or purposely buat summersault ke dlm air sungai atau laut tu confirm akn mati..bukan sbb drowning tp hypothermia dulu kot.well....too many assumptions for today.tapi berjalan berdua pada takat beku di mlm hari bersama lampu-lampu dan deruan air sungai mnderu deras sambil melihat kanak-kanak meluncur ais (sebenarnya nk cari kedai kebab,lapaq!)adalah sgt romantic dan menenangkan.heheh.selain membebel dan berjalan seperti robot,tiada lagi yang mampu dibuat(apatah lae menda bukan-bukan).nk amek gambaq pun mlas.sejuk hingga ke sgt cantik,tertarik dan deboom!sgt cantik suasana nya.susah nk explain but this place definately is at the same level as swiss,but with slightly different atmosphere.the ambience is....calming.and...and...apalah makna sesuatu tempat jika tempat shoppingnya tak happenin' kan?i was drooling walking along rows of shops along the street.malangnya sesampainya kami untuk 'mengambil bau' nk bershopping kedai pun tutup.hukhuk.tidak mengapa.esok masih ada.hihihi. to go sleep.esok nk pi bus tour and boat excursion around the famous archipelagos.

owh before i end,the viking ship is seriously amazing and cool!!!!!!

ok taaa!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.it's yOu.


everytime i switched on my lappy,he would take over immediately after that to watch anime or just reading manga online.

everytime he left the lappy for me to use afterwards,there goes 1-2 tabs of paused anime(klau tak one piece,bleach or naruto).so lappy pun akan slow lah sket.

everytime he's watching anime,i was left out totally being ignored(kunun-kunun bagi time saya studi.masalahnya boleh ke?he's watching anime and i have to study!).exception being if i knocked the door wif foods la kan.

the most annoying thing is ada la org tu beside using my lappy tgok anime dia duk selamba kutuk iBook G4 kesayangan saya dengan pelbagai tohmahan.seb baik awak wangi and seb baik rumah awak jauh kena seberang laut and naik kapai terbang.klau tak......

.......but i dun mind.i'll miss the anime soon.i'll miss the sound of him laughing while watching the anime.i'll miss the annoying voice that says bad things about my lappy.i'll miss the one who told me to stop eating in binge (due to future exponentially weight gain prospect)......arghhh...jgn pk lae..jgn pk lae.

eh let's play bowling tomorrow anyone?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

confession af a shopaholic.


as a self-proclaimed shopaholic,i would like to confess something........

someone has beaten me on shopping!!!mcm tak percaya ada org lae hebat bershopping dr saya..haha.nak bukti?

mari saya tunjuk...

nie baru round 1

kepenatan setelah membelanja saya,eh tak...tak...belanja nie...$$$$$$$

sob..sob..sob..tukang pegang beg shopping je.sian kan?

hurm....rasa mcm bershopping dengan a different guy.he wasn't this enthusiastic in shopping before but perhaps being a working man has change it all=).bagus..bagus,semngat nie yg kita nak.heheh.belfast or junction one to be exact
is definately the right place for shopaholics.there are so many factory oulets that offer you good items with affordable prices.anyhow,since i'm broke,taklah rasa superhappy bershopping.cuma supersuper happy teman org tu shopping and jalan-jalan=)

jom layan gambar lah eh:

muka stress tgu bus lama.huhu..sian eh.

we didn't plan to catch the last bus back to dublin but somehow what we planned earlier didn't turned up well.eventually we ended up taking the last bus with just two of us on the bus(of course la tolak driver kan) all the way belfast-dublin.hahah.incik ichigo kata"macam ditempah khas la bus nie tok kita".u'r right!dah last bus pon.sapa nak naek....naseb baik tak terlepas.klau tak bermlm tepi jln la kita.all in all,the trip was super fun.mcm nak pi lae la.bleh?heheh...

yesterday i dragged him to watch confession of a shopaholic(hence the title=)).it's a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!!!!4.5/5 star!i know some part of the movie mmg kena batang hidung sendrik especially part takut nak bukak card credit punya bill.hahahahha.lawak gila.itu mmg in denial tak hengat.msa shopping mmg species-species shopaholic nie tak pk lansung pasal bill.and lae satu bila dia monolog dalaman tentang perlu ke beli satu-satu menda tu....mmmg akn ada 10001 satu alasan yang kukuh untuk persistennya membeli barang tu.but saya takdela smp tgok manikin tu bercakap.heheh.overall another great movie after the devil wears prada.

"owh i dunno u talk prada".......indeed he does,better than her!hahah.

thanx teman saya tengok movie nie eventhough u were bored to death.i appreciate it so much.=P

allright,till next time ok.

take care.

Friday, February 20, 2009


let's levi's-hunting.hopefully berjaya.haha.=P

Sunday, February 15, 2009



yesterday was the day where many people were waiting for.for us,we didn't celebrate pun.we did went to town but for jalan-jalan and survey some souvenirs for incik ichigo to bring home nti.furthermore,saturday is my day off and mmg hari bersosial saya.initially i asked him out to go buy some fresh cherries because teringin nak makan.ended up we bought strawberries because i couldn't find cherries and the sad thing is the strawberries taste odd.macam ada rasa sekilo paraquat or chemical that was v.obvious.they ended up in the bin.all of them!k.u.c.i.w.a.=(

anyway,the indian food we had last nite was marvellous as usual.we had chicken tikka and lamb samosas for starters and he had pilau rice with chilli masalla while i had naan with tandoori butterred chicken for main dishes.tapi i curi half dia punya chilli masalla.first time i ate more than he did.hehe.

let's enjoy some piccas=)

okies lah.nk do some studies.c ya in next entry=)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the warmer.



incik chigo is in town!eventually i managed to persuade him to come over and have a good time with yours truly.ahaks.his flight touched down around 10.10a.m thursday morning.i was a bit shy to see him after 7months of not meeting each other but after a few words with him,things feel like normal again..but walking side by side is still a bit awkward for me.rasa mcm mimpi.usually i walked alone or with friends kan....heheh.

the first day,i brought him to my regular fast food restaurant where he had a doner kebab and i had taco fries.yep,kebab is what he's been craving for since he left uk.yesterday,he had to wait in the guys' place till i finish my rotation and alhamdulillah,it was easy to get signed off from AnE.yesterday also is hari menonton wayang.friday the 13th.i slept like 10 mins in the middle of the story.tak takut sgt pun cita tu.2/10 compared to 9/10 for the hills have eyes!tapi since nk tgok dgn dia,kena la mengalah tgok cita thriller atau hantu.takdak punya dia nk layan cita romance,drama suma-suma nih.takpa,today will be his turn to mengalah tgok he's not into you wif me!

to you:thank you for making my dream came true.i hope u'll enjoy ur three weeks here and i'll do my best to entertain you although u kena tgal kat rumah the guys when i'm off to hospital.hehe.

next week is the starting week of surgery rotation.the appetizer this time is plastic reconstruction.i tak kesah apa-apa long as i can get home by lunch time.heheh.tapi,tapi,on monday ada lecture at 7.30 a.m.tak boleh awai lagi kah????huwaaa.

okies..nk semayang jap.have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

.love u toO.


malam nie rasa pendek.sebabnya?baru balik dr AnE kul seploh mlm tdik.hari nie turn malam.malas amattttt masa nk kuaq umah tdik.sejuk,seperti biasa adalah faktor utama,org yang tgal di tempat yg climate suam-suam kuku tu patut bersyukur.ber..syukurrr!nk meredah sejuk kena ada keazaman yg kuat.

1st case,headache.neuro exam clear.patient stabil cuma takot darah.done blood tests,and chest x-ray.rasanya dia akn di benar pulang kot.pastu...pi minum kopi sat.balik ke AnE jumpa balik dr yg sama dia dh ada 2nd kes.guess what?headache lae.dia kata,"i think i'm gonna get headache myself".last-last saya yg dpt headache.serious.selamat ada cik tina sedekah 2 bijik panadol.lega.

ok tu ja tuk arini.gud nite.

p/s:it's tomorrow people!!tomorrow!=))))))

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



upon touching my chin,"ish sakit la.apakah??"boleh tak jgn ada jerawat time nie?sgt tak seswai masa nie kot.huwaaa.untuk menggembirakan hati,sila tgok ticker di atas.mari lompat,lompat dan lompat.hihihi

owh mind the childish's just a way of expressing my feeling.hehe.right now,i'm cracking my head of planning what to do.hurm...with hospital rotations and the evening lectures coming up soon,its hard to plan things out.but takpa,the big plan is 90% settled!yahooo!can't hardly wait.

kadang-kadang bila pk-pk balik,biaq btoi.tak fast time flies.baru ja hari tu plan-plan dengan dia.tuptuptup....hehe=)

tomorrow,do some cleaning and house chores in the morning,go to bank,tutorial at 3 and lecture at 4 followed by on-call in AnE till nite.the next morning,off i Tuhan,permudahkan=)

having friends in the same shoes is relieving in many least i know i'm not alone in going through this rare kind of long distance relationship(in my case,double long-distance r/ship)plus lack of communication's such a joy to witness dearest friends reunited with their loved ones after 6-9 months of separation.perasaan tu mmg best wa cakap lu.pastu sama-sama comfort each other if the partner kena tahan lae lama ats kapal.pastu sama2 share kegembiraan if their partner sign off.indirectly i made quite a no of friends from this aim this summer is to meet them personally and get to know them better(itupun klau mereka tak keberatan lah)..=)

gosh,mengantuk macam gila,padahal baru pukul 8.last-last satu kerja pon tak siap nti.i got to go.taa.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

.the angel.


talking to mak always been therapeutic.she knew well at which part of my heart her remedial words should be pointed,i was on the verge of tears before i quickly find a reason to hung up.i dunno why.perhaps she reminded me a lot of my responsibilities as a slave to the ONE,a daughter,a sister and a friend that i long neglected.her soft melodious voice is like a command that i must obey.talking to her also brings me closer to GOD.when i say she's my pillar of strength,i really mean it.macam nak cakap ja tdik,gmah sayaaaang mak.tapi malu la pulak.hahah..God is great.he sent us all an angel even before we were born.right?=)i hope i could be like her when i'm a mother one day.

today's bright and sunny after a week of rain and snow.i should go out enjoy the sunlight that my skin been craving for.asek terperap dlm bilik pun lemau jugak.and owh,please watch a curious case of benjamin button.although it's a long story(nearly 3 hours),u'll be satisfied at the end.the ending is so touching.enough for the review or else i'll be a spoiler=P

enjoy ur weekend people!

Monday, February 2, 2009

is it snowing?


i was on my way home and suddenly it's snowing and it was quite heavy.since nearly 5 years i'm here,never i experienced such a heavy wasn't snowing like in canada or in the states,but it's heavy enough to make the surroundings look white.from the top floor of dublin bus,i could see a guy collecting the ice flakes on top of a car making them into a snowball.he threw it to a beautiful girl which i think is his gf and they giggled happily.i is beautiful.

my life isn't bad at all today=)i watched coronary artery bypass grafting.if in malay,pembedahan pintasan jantung,i think.hehe.owh call me lame,but seriously,this is my first time observing such a procedure.but well,that's not my point.i was bored waiting for the procedure to finish so i hang around the bypass machine.i was amazed actually with the technician who operated the machine.the tubes connected to the machine were countless in number.he actually talked me through on how to operate the machine.out of amazement i said"it must take a LOT of practices to be able to control the machine correctly.u must be an expert".then he replied,"i never think doing my job as in operating this machine as a routine.when u think something as a routine,u tend to make mistake.if i make mistake,the consequences are lethal".hurm...on second thought,yes...when something becomes a routine,we don't give our best when doing it.often we also take it for granted.thats a lesson i learnt always give our best in everything we do regardless how boring the job is and how expert we think we is unpredictable and anything can least we save ourselves from regret should anything happen.

i miss home.i miss penang.i miss the foods.huhu.when the asked me where i'm from,i proudly said i'm from malaysia.penang.surprisingly,most of irish or british knew where penang is or they've been there before.well..what can i say,the pearl of the orient.siapa tak kenal kan?keskeskes.

awak,nak char keow teow boleh?kasik tapau!hehe.

alright peeps.gtg.

take care.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

a change.


welcome to my new place.still empty but i'll accessorize it if i have time.hope u have a nice time coming here=)

well,nak tulis apa yerk.let's talk about week im gonna start doing anaesthetic.most probably most of the time will be spent in operation theatre(OT).it's more relax in there compared to the wards.hopefully i'll finish by afternoon and go hooomeee after about skool and coolness nie,i like one of the ads in's about a guy who asked his gf to skip skool and instead hang out with him.the gf refused to and the idiotic bf asked her why.then she replied in a raised voice"because school's COOL and u're NOT!Haa..hamek kau!what a good phrase tok lelaki yang tak paham bahasa.

erm...11 more days.tak sabaqnya!!=))))))))