Sunday, February 15, 2009



yesterday was the day where many people were waiting for.for us,we didn't celebrate pun.we did went to town but for jalan-jalan and survey some souvenirs for incik ichigo to bring home nti.furthermore,saturday is my day off and mmg hari bersosial saya.initially i asked him out to go buy some fresh cherries because teringin nak makan.ended up we bought strawberries because i couldn't find cherries and the sad thing is the strawberries taste odd.macam ada rasa sekilo paraquat or chemical that was v.obvious.they ended up in the bin.all of them!k.u.c.i.w.a.=(

anyway,the indian food we had last nite was marvellous as usual.we had chicken tikka and lamb samosas for starters and he had pilau rice with chilli masalla while i had naan with tandoori butterred chicken for main dishes.tapi i curi half dia punya chilli masalla.first time i ate more than he did.hehe.

let's enjoy some piccas=)

okies lah.nk do some studies.c ya in next entry=)

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