Tuesday, February 10, 2009



upon touching my chin,"ish sakit la.apakah??"boleh tak jgn ada jerawat time nie?sgt tak seswai masa nie kot.huwaaa.untuk menggembirakan hati,sila tgok ticker di atas.mari lompat,lompat dan lompat.hihihi

owh mind the childish act.it's just a way of expressing my feeling.hehe.right now,i'm cracking my head of planning what to do.hurm...with hospital rotations and the evening lectures coming up soon,its hard to plan things out.but takpa,the big plan is 90% settled!yahooo!can't hardly wait.

kadang-kadang bila pk-pk balik,biaq btoi.tak percaya...how fast time flies.baru ja hari tu plan-plan dengan dia.tuptuptup....hehe=)

tomorrow,do some cleaning and house chores in the morning,go to bank,tutorial at 3 and lecture at 4 followed by on-call in AnE till nite.the next morning,off i go.best..best.ya Tuhan,permudahkan=)

having friends in the same shoes is relieving in many ways.at least i know i'm not alone in going through this rare kind of long distance relationship(in my case,double long-distance r/ship)plus lack of communication etc.it's such a joy to witness dearest friends reunited with their loved ones after 6-9 months of separation.perasaan tu mmg best wa cakap lu.pastu sama-sama comfort each other if the partner kena tahan lae lama ats kapal.pastu sama2 share kegembiraan if their partner sign off.indirectly i made quite a no of friends from this circle.my aim this summer is to meet them personally and get to know them better(itupun klau mereka tak keberatan lah)..=)

gosh,mengantuk macam gila,padahal baru pukul 8.last-last satu kerja pon tak siap nti.i got to go.taa.

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