Saturday, February 14, 2009

the warmer.



incik chigo is in town!eventually i managed to persuade him to come over and have a good time with yours truly.ahaks.his flight touched down around 10.10a.m thursday morning.i was a bit shy to see him after 7months of not meeting each other but after a few words with him,things feel like normal again..but walking side by side is still a bit awkward for me.rasa mcm mimpi.usually i walked alone or with friends kan....heheh.

the first day,i brought him to my regular fast food restaurant where he had a doner kebab and i had taco fries.yep,kebab is what he's been craving for since he left uk.yesterday,he had to wait in the guys' place till i finish my rotation and alhamdulillah,it was easy to get signed off from AnE.yesterday also is hari menonton wayang.friday the 13th.i slept like 10 mins in the middle of the story.tak takut sgt pun cita tu.2/10 compared to 9/10 for the hills have eyes!tapi since nk tgok dgn dia,kena la mengalah tgok cita thriller atau hantu.takdak punya dia nk layan cita romance,drama suma-suma nih.takpa,today will be his turn to mengalah tgok he's not into you wif me!

to you:thank you for making my dream came true.i hope u'll enjoy ur three weeks here and i'll do my best to entertain you although u kena tgal kat rumah the guys when i'm off to hospital.hehe.

next week is the starting week of surgery rotation.the appetizer this time is plastic reconstruction.i tak kesah apa-apa long as i can get home by lunch time.heheh.tapi,tapi,on monday ada lecture at 7.30 a.m.tak boleh awai lagi kah????huwaaa.

okies..nk semayang jap.have a good day everyone!

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