Sunday, February 1, 2009

a change.


welcome to my new place.still empty but i'll accessorize it if i have time.hope u have a nice time coming here=)

well,nak tulis apa yerk.let's talk about week im gonna start doing anaesthetic.most probably most of the time will be spent in operation theatre(OT).it's more relax in there compared to the wards.hopefully i'll finish by afternoon and go hooomeee after about skool and coolness nie,i like one of the ads in's about a guy who asked his gf to skip skool and instead hang out with him.the gf refused to and the idiotic bf asked her why.then she replied in a raised voice"because school's COOL and u're NOT!Haa..hamek kau!what a good phrase tok lelaki yang tak paham bahasa.

erm...11 more days.tak sabaqnya!!=))))))))

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