Monday, February 2, 2009

is it snowing?


i was on my way home and suddenly it's snowing and it was quite heavy.since nearly 5 years i'm here,never i experienced such a heavy wasn't snowing like in canada or in the states,but it's heavy enough to make the surroundings look white.from the top floor of dublin bus,i could see a guy collecting the ice flakes on top of a car making them into a snowball.he threw it to a beautiful girl which i think is his gf and they giggled happily.i is beautiful.

my life isn't bad at all today=)i watched coronary artery bypass grafting.if in malay,pembedahan pintasan jantung,i think.hehe.owh call me lame,but seriously,this is my first time observing such a procedure.but well,that's not my point.i was bored waiting for the procedure to finish so i hang around the bypass machine.i was amazed actually with the technician who operated the machine.the tubes connected to the machine were countless in number.he actually talked me through on how to operate the machine.out of amazement i said"it must take a LOT of practices to be able to control the machine correctly.u must be an expert".then he replied,"i never think doing my job as in operating this machine as a routine.when u think something as a routine,u tend to make mistake.if i make mistake,the consequences are lethal".hurm...on second thought,yes...when something becomes a routine,we don't give our best when doing it.often we also take it for granted.thats a lesson i learnt always give our best in everything we do regardless how boring the job is and how expert we think we is unpredictable and anything can least we save ourselves from regret should anything happen.

i miss home.i miss penang.i miss the foods.huhu.when the asked me where i'm from,i proudly said i'm from malaysia.penang.surprisingly,most of irish or british knew where penang is or they've been there before.well..what can i say,the pearl of the orient.siapa tak kenal kan?keskeskes.

awak,nak char keow teow boleh?kasik tapau!hehe.

alright peeps.gtg.

take care.

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