Wednesday, September 14, 2011



here is just a quick update on what the latest happenings in my life.well,as what stated in facebook,my status has changed from single to married.alhamdulillah.Allah has granted my dua.

so how's life as a wife,as asked by many since i got them...i just smiled.honestly i have no answer yet.the best part being a wife is i have the right to love the husband as much and as best as i fact it's my responsibility to do so.there's no boundary as to how,when and where the love could be expressed.its a freedom for both man and woman that Allah has granted once a man recited the akad.after 8 years of relationship,surely the new bond that ties us together will be greatly appreciated.

and honestly,marriage is a good learning ground for me.from the husband i have learnt a lot since day one.certainly marriage is no walk in a park,but no matter how many humps and bumps along the road,we hold our hands tight and brave through everything together.

i think that's all for tonight.

i'll write again iAllah :)