Friday, May 6, 2011

the unwanted nauseous feeling


before 5
all of us(read:me and my 6other colleagues) were bored to death for not having much work to do since 10am this morning.everyone including the boss couldn't hardly wait for 5pm so that we could punch out and dissappeared from the hosp compound.what an atypical day but i love it.hehe.

after 5.

i started to miss him so terribly.
i hate not seeing him over the weekend when i'm off from work.
i despised the fact i couldn't text him goodnight
i missed his laugh,his jokes,his smell around me.
and what i missed the most is his presence.
*paling rindu adalah bila dia buat lawak-lawak kecil yang i try not to laugh berpura-pura macho but it tickles my tummy deep inside that i silently had to laugh when i turned the other way around or when he's not looking*<---i dunno why i feel not right no laugh in front of him.haha.