Friday, February 26, 2010

aku manusia kayu.kamu batu?


this hijab is part of my existence.
siapa dah tgok my name is khan? what say you?

rindu nk dapat surat bersetem dari laut.panjang berjela dan boleh ulang-ulang baca bila rindu.skrg boleh email hari-hari.maka,tiada surat lagi.i don't know wether this is good or bad.agaknya kalau karang email sebulan baru boleh dapat sepanjang surat bersetem kot =P
mungkin kamu tidak bersyukur------>kata cik jeem kepada diri sendiri dalam hati.

dublin masih seperti dulu.sejuk beku.

nite dublin.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

.beautifully arranged.


ahaaa, jeem has finally changed the boring layout!*clap2x*whats with the title?well...hard to could be temporary,or permanent.actually i ran out of idea of what to name the blog as.after a few mins of thinking,i decided to name it as such as it potrays our life.whatever happens daily is beautifully arranged by The Almighty.that's what i always doesn't matter wether good or bad things that happen,i'll try to accept them with open heart because i know God only gives us something that we can alkisahnya.hope u guys like the new i rasa agk self-obsessed sket la.semua pun muka sendri.ahaha.but i really love the header!taken by syir's bestfriend a.k.a my friend jugak la.heee.....thank you mil.

it's been a long time since the last post aight?nothing interesting to update actually.i've been thru the same old routines basically.but to leave this space empty is kinda of irresponsible in some way so here i am,trying my best not to bore u all.anyway,it's been a month and 4 days since i'm enganged to incik syir.a few people asked me how do i feel?to be honest,nothing much really change.cuma i rasa we become closer and more honest towards each other.not that we've been cheating or being dishonest before,it's just we can openly say what we feel to each other and that includes nasty critics.haha.for an instance;his youngest sister said i'm like yuna(omg i'm flattered!but ladies,i tahu i BUKAN yuna ok.hehe).when i told him that,he laughed at me(i know he filtered the laughter to tone it down not to piss me off)and told me just because i wear my scarf the same way as yuna did doesn't make me the super-talented-with-owh-merdunya-suara yunalis zarai.owh my gebu and chummel mr fiance,i know where i stand okay.but i have this one word to counter him back.just call him chummel,he'll sulk!haha.chummel for him means chubby.hehe.being engaged to him also permits me to get to know his family better.although i'm still nervous meeting the family but at least i could talk to them more than 10 words compared to before.hehe.

owh ya,one more thing,about the big exact date yet.most probably it's going to be next year,pertengahan tahun.biasalah,nak matchkan our holiday is worse than rocket science.lambat lagi kan huhu but looking at the bright side,bolehla beli kereta idaman kalbu dulu sister advices me to start preparing from now like buying the hantarans,start surveying the theme color and whatnots.well,i think no harm starting early.i tanak jd mcm tunang.nak pengsan wat semua last minute.luckily it went well.=)


okey people,i better leave you here.nti entry nie jd novel pulak.hehe.take care and be happy okay.muax2x!

p/s:tomorrow nite i'll be seeing ms gaga.can't wait to see her outfit surprises!hehe.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

never ending.


life is a never-ending learning process.wether we like it or not,we are full-time students throughout our lives.anyway,i just finished my 6 weeks of electives.well,supposedly it ends this friday but i got all the necessary forms signed off i went to hospital this morning to bid goodbyes and clerked a few last patients in PGH as a student.iA when i come back to PGH the next time i might be the HO(tolong doakan saya) on-duty.=)

another interesting point to tell is i could drive on my own now.hehe.nie mmg paling lame but bear with me,i've been waiting too long for this moment to feels like i just pass my driving test padahal dh lesen full pun saya nie.cuma jrg bawak.mak said now i can buy my own car if i want to.the problem is,where to get the money lah?

and dear fiance,if u were here,i would have asked you to cross the bridge to have have some fun with me since i'm off from hosp already but since u'r far away,i save it in my voicebox sahaja.sobs.

eh ok la...i have to fetch my sis from work.her chauffeur la now.

till then.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



semasa perbualan di meja makan sewaktu makan mlm,saya bersama mak and akak ada berbincang tentang bahana mengumpat atau mengata org.susah betul rasanya nak buang perbuatan nie.kadang-kadang ia berlaku di luar sedar.sedap-sedap bercakap,oppppsss...termengata orang.masa saya kerja part-time dulu,ada org atasan berkata,dalam dunia ni,baik kita mengata org dulu sbb somehow org akn mengata kita wether we like it or not.this statement is easily agreeable.hurm....tapi on second thought,yang salah tetap tetap salah.tak kisah lah w'pun realiti nya tetap pahit.dalam situasi saya yang mentah waktu itu..sgt pun mengangguk da mengiya setuju walau dalam hati berat kepada membangkang sahaja kenyataan tu.sbb masa kecik pergi fardhu ain ustazah cerita nabi dulu kalaupun yahudi dan nasrani membaling najis kepada baginda,tidak pernah sekalipun baginda membalas perbuatan tu dengan yg jahat juga.sampai hari ini saya menyesal sbb masa belajar di matrik dulu ada sepotong ayat yang ditampal oleh senior di dinding.'berkata benarlah walaupun pahit'.semoga saya lebih kuat mempertahankan kebenaran di masa akan datang.

and today i had a bad moment which i think my friendship couldn't be saved anymore.i don't know what went wrong but it hurts me so much that i just want to stop trying.when u just walked away without a word,i knew it's time for me to move on.thank you friend.i wish u well.

on a different note,perhaps a cheerful one,i received a first email from the kata ia lah racun.ia lah penawar.

saya pilih penawar.