Tuesday, February 9, 2010

never ending.


life is a never-ending learning process.wether we like it or not,we are full-time students throughout our lives.anyway,i just finished my 6 weeks of electives.well,supposedly it ends this friday but i got all the necessary forms signed off yesterday.so i went to hospital this morning to bid goodbyes and clerked a few last patients in PGH as a student.iA when i come back to PGH the next time i might be the HO(tolong doakan saya) on-duty.=)

another interesting point to tell is i could drive on my own now.hehe.nie mmg paling lame but bear with me,i've been waiting too long for this moment to happen.haha.it feels like i just pass my driving test padahal dh lesen full pun saya nie.cuma jrg bawak.mak said now i can buy my own car if i want to.the problem is,where to get the money lah?

and dear fiance,if u were here,i would have asked you to cross the bridge to have have some fun with me since i'm off from hosp already but since u'r far away,i save it in my voicebox sahaja.sobs.

eh ok la...i have to fetch my sis from work.her chauffeur la now.

till then.


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