Thursday, January 20, 2011



tadi  ada org guna mr marc and sekejap je saya bg pnjam dia accidentally engraved the top cover by writing letters A-Z with sharp blade.u know bila org tgh bergayut,kita selalu akn conteng2 kertas atau main2 dgn rambut.dia pergi tulis huruf2 atas kertas atas top cover mr marc dgn blade!apalagi,saya jd naga lah.berapi-rapi saya marah.saya sedih sgt-sgt tau.tapi saya lega.ini hnya mimpi.tu la.mak kata jgn tido lepas asar.hehe.

sori-sori...iklan sekejap tdi.well.....saya berjaya menukar layout blog ini kepada yang baru.the background picture was taken by my sister semasa she came to ireland last's a picture of grasses with the blurred version of cliffs of moher,the famous tourist spot in ireland as a background.if any of you go to ireland one day,don't leave before u visit this place. seriously it's breathtakingly beautiful :) hopefuly saya lebih bersemangat untuk menulis with the new may not be as beautiful or as sophisticated as the other modern blogs in this whole entire blogosphere,but this picture means a lot to me...

and since dah berkerjaya nie,my life basically can be divided into two;before 5pm where i would spend most of my time  in everyone's fave place,hospital and after 5 usually at home lah.sekarang ni rumahku mmg syurga my post from now onwards will be about my life at work and after work.hehe.ok tak?

baiklah,since i cuti harini...di bawah adalah cerita semalam dan harini.

before 5.(yesterday)
my first ever patient with retroviral disease(HIV +ve).came in with infection of the left knee i scared?yes.but this is what doctors do.try our best to alleviate pain from patients and help them live their lives in the best quality this HIV +ve man included in the list so no matter what disease he carries,i am responsible for the knee joint infection and makesure he'll be treated accordingly.

after 5.
today i cooked again.mee ketam for lunch and fish and (mashed potato) for dinner. it's something i enjoy doing but having difficulty in finding time to do so due to work and sleep deprivation yeay for today i'm holding the pans and pots again.hehe.the rest of the day i chillex(chill out and rilex) sahaja.hehe

esok i oncall.esok juga mr handsome saya anchor.sedihnye.i dislike working after 5 :((

Saturday, January 15, 2011

couch potato


i planned to go to cinema and have a good time watching movie but none of the current movies attract me so i thought why not just stay at home and watch movies that i missed when they were showing on the big i bought 4 new dvds and i just managed to watch one and another 3 still pending.

after watching Killers,i have to admit ashton kutcher is damn gorgeous!haha.i love the movie.and i realize that man who's leading a not-so-normal life ,for an instance a pilot,spy or erm...marine engineer (who's contantly on the go) will love their partner i tremendously love that too!wawa.

oklah.marapu saja.i'm on call again tomorrow.chow!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011



today is my happy day.postcall and was home at 5.45pm.usually at that time i was still busy running around the wards clearing up all the ward works left by specialist and MOs.but i am bermanja-manja with mr marc.hehe.

my other half i bet is one happiest creature on the other side of the world. planning our big day is far from easy but i never knew he would be this excited.hehe.and i do think his excitement is infectious because i started to feel adrenaline rushing in me whenever we talked about this.seronok.seronok.

ya Tuhan,permudahkan lah.permudahkan lah.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

lovable year


wah,it's already the beginning of a new let's do a quick recap on what were the highlights of 2010.

january-i got myself a fiance yang penyayang lagi cute.haha.
april-struggling for final med exam.yikes.
mei-final med exams over.*big sigh*
     -travelling around europe with mak,kakak and abg.different experience altogether.
june-i graduated and was conferred.awww best gila! :D
august-syir signed off and cuti smp lebam sama-sama for 4months.puasa sama,raya pun sama :)
november-induction and started my housemanship.horror!
december-earned my first decent paycheck.hurm....alhamdulillah :)

i don't have any resolution for this year cos i did my resolutions on daily basis.
today's:to eat lesser and walk and smile more often.

what's yours?

btw,happy new year everyone.i pray for more lovable years to come for each and everyone of us :D