Saturday, January 1, 2011

lovable year


wah,it's already the beginning of a new let's do a quick recap on what were the highlights of 2010.

january-i got myself a fiance yang penyayang lagi cute.haha.
april-struggling for final med exam.yikes.
mei-final med exams over.*big sigh*
     -travelling around europe with mak,kakak and abg.different experience altogether.
june-i graduated and was conferred.awww best gila! :D
august-syir signed off and cuti smp lebam sama-sama for 4months.puasa sama,raya pun sama :)
november-induction and started my housemanship.horror!
december-earned my first decent paycheck.hurm....alhamdulillah :)

i don't have any resolution for this year cos i did my resolutions on daily basis.
today's:to eat lesser and walk and smile more often.

what's yours?

btw,happy new year everyone.i pray for more lovable years to come for each and everyone of us :D


A'a said...

don't eat lesser..but healthier lifestyles...
dah jadi houseman ni, yang xpenah kurus pun boleh kurus..yg dah kurus, makin kurus...i lost 8kg...and byk baju dah cam xleh pakai karung guni je..=P

jeem said...

true,kena eat healthier.sbb tadak masa main mkn je mana2.kar umh pun jrg mkn sbb baik nak tido je.aku pun rasa sedikt kurus.haha.