Monday, December 6, 2010



the joy of working is u get to see your previously bedbound patients are back on their feet again beaming from ear to ear making their first steps all over again .isn't it a wonder?

and the joy of being loved is you know he/she will return into your arms again no matter how long or how far  the person may go..i think this is simply as sweet as a candy(yes,u may puke.haha)

he's going offshore again.we both are okay with it.we had more than enough time won't get any nicer by going against the nature of his work right?'s time and with full-heartedly support,i wish him well and smooth-sailing journeys ahead.

dear fiance,

please find me asap once you sign-off.i'll make sure i have a beautiful wedding gown to wear by the time u're back  :)

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