Tuesday, June 7, 2011

of getting married(ntah edisi ke berapa)

forgive me if u peeped thru here and no new entry was written.i was caught up in between the craziness of my work and the feeling of laziness that would never go away,duh!so im officially 26 years old a few days ago and yet i still feel like i'm 16!haha.age is just a number right?what's more important is the way we feel about ourselves and how we enjoy our life.This year,i celebrated my birthday at work and on the road cause we had another road-tripping to the south.boy,it was different from the last 6 six years where i spent with my friends back in dublin.no more fancy holiday in european countries on my buffday like previous years.but blowing candles in front of my sister and mak was the best thing that happened in years.mak recited some prayers beforehand and that's the best gift a person could have given me ;)

my cousins whom i dearly miss.seronok dpt kumpul like this once in a while.

and now lets talk about something erm...different.haha.when i was reviewing patients..i was daydreaming  about my wedding.when i'm filling in blood forms,i was day dreaming about my wedding and when i'm about to sleep,again....the same thing would happen.i think i'm having this wedding blues.haha.is it normal?dah la tgh posting ward yg dhsyat gile teruk,boleh pulak berangan-angan camni.ishk..ishk..owh ya,my consultant now perangai dahsyat gile lae truk dari boss anne hathaway dlm the devil wears prada tu :(((