Thursday, October 22, 2009

late nights and rainy days.


just imagine dublin with the two words in your head.that's how i endured my life here for the past few days.
weather does affect people.i asked one of my irish colleague yesterday why he looked so upset.knowing him,he rarely shows any signs or symptoms of sadness,more to madness most of the time i would say.anyway,he immediately pouted his lips towards the window.owh i hate bad do i.i could stand the cold but not the rain.i felt sick afterward with headache giving it signal on one side of my temporal lobe.great.

but that was yesterday.i feel much better today.alhamdulillah.eventhough the rain hasn't stop yet,i decided not to bother too much about it.i just opened my blue umbrella and off i went to class.

lately,reading habit has came back.thank goodness.

i've read the time traveller's wife(TTTW) last week.the struggle between reading this page-turning book and studying for paeds exam was hard.really hard.somehow i managed to finish it 3days before exam.hopefully i pass paeds,owh lord please.back to this book,if you're looking for an atypical love story,go get this first i dunno why claire is so stupid wanting to spend the rest of her life with henry knowing the troubles he has in store for her,knowing she's gonna be left alone occasionally if not often.but the author potrayed claire as someone who knew exactly what she wants and sticks to it no matter what other people say or whatever it takes.if i were to meet claire,i have a question for her:how come she was so sure of her choice?

"mariam would always admire laila for how much time passed before she screamed"

i don't cry when i read novels.i hardly cry in real life.but i cried after reading this line knowing how painful it means.i cried harder towards the end of the story.and before i knew it,i was sobbing when i's a story of unconditional love,friendship and faith with flavors of lies,hate,pain and suffering.i felt like i was in the city of kabul with the sound of gunfire being shot every now and then outside the door and armed talibans walking up and down the streets.and who knew a limping child would grow up to be a fine man that u just couldn't resist falling in love with?:p i wont say anything anymore.a friend of mine hasn't read the story yet.dun be a spoiler,my heart told.

okies,done with the reviews.esok,lusa,tulat and isnin cuti.yeehaaa!

Friday, October 16, 2009

when i blew all the dust out the window.


forgive me for keeping a bit of privacy to myself for the last couple of days.i just felt the translucency of life through blogging was bothering me in some ways.furthermore all the ideas just drained out once i got back from hospital after entertaining a bunch of sick children who deserved more attention than this humble blog.but after second thought,well i think i'm an open book after all.what u see is what u get and at the same time, im keeping my fingers crossed that whatever they say about having lotz of spare time in the next module is nothing but the here i am again,back in the blogosphere.writing away like no tomorrow.

first and foremost,paeds exam was over.i didn't feel good about how it went but i'm glad it's i got my comfy bed

secondly,i'm anticipating a more relax and calming new module which happen to be psychiatry next.talking about mental illness reminds me of kawan sampai syurga who's definately not crazy but loves org gila.if he's reading this...ask me again in 6 weeks time how org gila is like and i would love to share eveything with you.

after having lunch,i walked to a bookshop in the mall hoping to find something to fill my weekend.surprisingly nothing caught my eyes when i was browsing the shelves looking for a good book to read.anyone has any suggestion on what book should i read next?

owh dear,im in the fourth paragraph already,am i not?i think that's enough for opposed to writing an essay,i want to keep it short and simple today.

have a lovely weekend peep and i'll be back=)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

every pain.


clare:it's hard being left behind.i wait for henry,not knowing where he is,wondering if he's's hard to be the one who stays.
i keep myself busy.time goes faster that way.
i go to sleep alone and wake up alone.i talks walk.i work until i'm tired.i watched the wind play with the trash that's been under the snow all winter.everything seems simple until u think about it.why love intensified by absence?.

long ago men went to sea.and women waited for them,standing at the edge of the water,scanning for the horizon for the tiny i wait for henry.he vanishes unwillingly without warning.i wait for him.each moment that i wait feels like a year,an eternity.each moment is as slow and transparent as glass.through each moment i can see infinite moments lined up,waiting.why has he gone where i cannot follow?

taken from the time traveler's wife

me:i spent a little time pondering what he will say if i utter those words to him.i guess he must have a line or two,words that will melt my heart like those snow flakes kissed by sunlight in winter months.

for the first time in 6 years.....i cant wait for winter to arrive.

Friday, October 2, 2009

si budak kecil


haish,susah betol merindu org yang tiada di depan mata nie.

hey budak kecil,i miss u so very much.

hey budak kecil,don't grow up too fast,will ya?i might no be able to catch up.huhu.

bila dah besar nanti,kamu akn malu untuk dicium-cium,digomol-gomol

bila dah pergi sekolah nanti,kawan-kawan menjadi lebih utama.

these are raw pictures taken by my antique Z610i,hence the quality.tried to edit but my iphoto had taken ages to be opened.

rindu betul telatah budak kecil ini.
rindu nak mandikan dia.tengok dia sikat rambut,letak bedak kat muka.sgt chommel.
rindu bau dia bila dia baring kat sebelah.
rindu nak suap nasik,nak bancuh susu dia.
rindu nak gaduh-gaduh,geget-geget(jijit-jijit,kata dia)
rindu nak lawan siapa lebih tahan geli dengan dia(it's funny when she camouflaged by doing so many things to cover up when being tickled so that she can win the game)=)

ahh...rindu segalanya.

entry nie buat i emotional.lebeh emotional dari rindukan boyfriend sendiri.