Friday, October 16, 2009

when i blew all the dust out the window.


forgive me for keeping a bit of privacy to myself for the last couple of days.i just felt the translucency of life through blogging was bothering me in some ways.furthermore all the ideas just drained out once i got back from hospital after entertaining a bunch of sick children who deserved more attention than this humble blog.but after second thought,well i think i'm an open book after all.what u see is what u get and at the same time, im keeping my fingers crossed that whatever they say about having lotz of spare time in the next module is nothing but the here i am again,back in the blogosphere.writing away like no tomorrow.

first and foremost,paeds exam was over.i didn't feel good about how it went but i'm glad it's i got my comfy bed

secondly,i'm anticipating a more relax and calming new module which happen to be psychiatry next.talking about mental illness reminds me of kawan sampai syurga who's definately not crazy but loves org gila.if he's reading this...ask me again in 6 weeks time how org gila is like and i would love to share eveything with you.

after having lunch,i walked to a bookshop in the mall hoping to find something to fill my weekend.surprisingly nothing caught my eyes when i was browsing the shelves looking for a good book to read.anyone has any suggestion on what book should i read next?

owh dear,im in the fourth paragraph already,am i not?i think that's enough for opposed to writing an essay,i want to keep it short and simple today.

have a lovely weekend peep and i'll be back=)


Anonymous said...

a thousand splendid sun..if u havent read it..:D..enjoy!!

jeem said...

owh,i have the same book in my mind.thanx fer the idea.that will be next=)

A'a said...

The Quranic version of The la..
my next posting will be Paeds..huhu..sampai ada HO kata nk bunuh diri tensen...doakan aku xgtu yer..tq