Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a tale of a nightmare.


yesterday i had a the dream,there's a lady around my age.she stood on a swing,swinging.she's  tall,slim,short-haired(almost like a boy-cut) and dark-skinned(hitam manis dalam bahasa melayu).she's not so beautiful but sweet.the kind that u wanna look again if u were happened to have a glance at her(or accidentally terpandang).everything about her is opposite me(except the not so beautiful part la sbb word beautiful dengan i..errr...tak seswai)in that dream,she's my fiance's girlfriend.ewww..marah tak?

sbb mimpi tu,i was down the whole day yesterday.i hope it's just purely a nightmare!fullstop.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a day worth spent.


yesterday ada org tu bwk i jln2.main-main air sket and tgok2 dpt pgg anak harimau yg comel dan i rasa nk bawak balik rumah and bela jdi my tu la..kecik2 boleh la main-main.klau dah besar silap2 i  pun dia mkn.huhu.rilex betul.rasa tenang and best.mungkin ini la hikmah tak selalu berjumpa.darah manis tak elok juge selau jumpa2 kan.hehe?

surat induksi i dh smp malangnya i kena defer atas sebab2 tertentu.but i really hope by nov i dah boleh start kerja.dan ofis pun dah start memanggil encik kesayangan saya kembali ke laut.cepat rasanya dah hampir 3 bulan dia cuti.kalau ikutkan hati tak puas lagi nk cuti sama-sama maklumla ni first time i dpt spend full-length holiday ngan dia.selalu samada i balik the last month of his holiday atau tak dpt sama-sama trus.tapi a small part of me dah tak kisah sgt nk start kerja or dia belayar sbb what will wait for us after dia belayar mmg lumayan(not money-wise but relationship wise la) dan i kena start kerja cepat untuk nk laksanakan menda tu. :)

and org tu cakap lg dia tak sabar nk tgok i kerja.i know darl,,i pun mcm tak sabar nk kerja.w'pun i takut fikir kemungkinan yg akn dtg,i akn cuba kuat dan kerja seikhlas hati macam u..

oklah readers....nti bila ada cerita menarik nk bgtahu i akn write again.till then take care alright :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010



now i started to feel bored just staying at home.i need to work.i want my mind to start working leave it dormant for too long is no good right.i hope the long holiday i'm having now is enough so that i won't feel any regrets when i start working soon.i need to socialise again.get some fresh air,be in a new environment and meet some new faces.on top of that this long holiday starts to annoy everyone around how i slept till mid-day that bugged my mum so much,and how i harrassed my fiance with so many texts day and night like celcom tu company i yang there least work will deviate my attention from sleeping,going to malls or asking my sister to bring her baby sister jln2 and thinking about syir obsessively.haha.luckily my desire to shop has ceased.thank God.finally ,my prayer has been answered!

i think i'm ready to embrace another phase of matter how much i love my student life,i have to move on.forward.

p/s:i think i'm going to miss syir terribly when i start working and esp when he start sailing but i will always remember  that abscence makes heart grow fonder.dont u agree?

Friday, October 1, 2010



mak had been down with flu and cough and was under the weather for quite sometimes roughly since she came back from perfoming first she cought a cold then came the vigorous episodes of productive then dry cough.i kesian gile tgok her old fragile body straining to cough out the phlegm.then after that she's been vomiting right after she ate something.macam emesis gravidarum pun ada(org mengandung tu :D) hehe.i noticed now she's a bit slimmer due to the many infections she has caught.but good news,that  now she's recovering.not completely but i could see the appetite is coming back and she's already gone out doing her daily chores back(u know buying groceries,watering the plants etc...).and seeing mak smiles again is the best thing ever to me.

bravo mak for your strong spirit to get well.stay healthy and beautiful alright?muaaahhss!