Sunday, October 10, 2010



now i started to feel bored just staying at home.i need to work.i want my mind to start working leave it dormant for too long is no good right.i hope the long holiday i'm having now is enough so that i won't feel any regrets when i start working soon.i need to socialise again.get some fresh air,be in a new environment and meet some new faces.on top of that this long holiday starts to annoy everyone around how i slept till mid-day that bugged my mum so much,and how i harrassed my fiance with so many texts day and night like celcom tu company i yang there least work will deviate my attention from sleeping,going to malls or asking my sister to bring her baby sister jln2 and thinking about syir obsessively.haha.luckily my desire to shop has ceased.thank God.finally ,my prayer has been answered!

i think i'm ready to embrace another phase of matter how much i love my student life,i have to move on.forward.

p/s:i think i'm going to miss syir terribly when i start working and esp when he start sailing but i will always remember  that abscence makes heart grow fonder.dont u agree?


Kekanak Osaka said...

Jeem tak suka shopping? alamak!!!!

Tapi tulah, sometimes bila kita free sangat, kita start bugging other people too much (currently doing that sebab takleh pi mana sakit mata.haha)

Harap you get a job soon. sementara tu lepak la umah. belajar tebar roti canai ka.haha.

jeem said...

yup...rasanya tak minat shopping sbb dah tak berpendapatan kot.hehe...

owh poor you..dah sihat belum mata tu?erm,bila kita terlalu free mmg asek nk kaco org je.

roti canai?nti klau org dah start tebar..sian mamak2 takleh cari mkn dah :P