Friday, October 1, 2010



mak had been down with flu and cough and was under the weather for quite sometimes roughly since she came back from perfoming first she cought a cold then came the vigorous episodes of productive then dry cough.i kesian gile tgok her old fragile body straining to cough out the phlegm.then after that she's been vomiting right after she ate something.macam emesis gravidarum pun ada(org mengandung tu :D) hehe.i noticed now she's a bit slimmer due to the many infections she has caught.but good news,that  now she's recovering.not completely but i could see the appetite is coming back and she's already gone out doing her daily chores back(u know buying groceries,watering the plants etc...).and seeing mak smiles again is the best thing ever to me.

bravo mak for your strong spirit to get well.stay healthy and beautiful alright?muaaahhss!


Kekanak Osaka said...

mesti your mom rasa safe sangat ada you with her right now kan Jeem.

Get well ibunya (Amin)

jeem said...

actually i yg rasa takut.still unemployed and lack of i serah kepada gp sahaja.i jd bibik.hehe.

thanx zeti for your dua'.miss u loads!u balik ke raya haritu?

PurpearlLyna said...

get well soon makcik.

Gillion said...

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