Wednesday, September 14, 2011



here is just a quick update on what the latest happenings in my life.well,as what stated in facebook,my status has changed from single to married.alhamdulillah.Allah has granted my dua.

so how's life as a wife,as asked by many since i got them...i just smiled.honestly i have no answer yet.the best part being a wife is i have the right to love the husband as much and as best as i fact it's my responsibility to do so.there's no boundary as to how,when and where the love could be expressed.its a freedom for both man and woman that Allah has granted once a man recited the akad.after 8 years of relationship,surely the new bond that ties us together will be greatly appreciated.

and honestly,marriage is a good learning ground for me.from the husband i have learnt a lot since day one.certainly marriage is no walk in a park,but no matter how many humps and bumps along the road,we hold our hands tight and brave through everything together.

i think that's all for tonight.

i'll write again iAllah :)


Momma Qiestina said...

selamat peranten baruuu korang!

finally kan, rasa dah lama kenal jeem :) welkam to the club.selamat menjadi wife org kapal & juga selamat membina keluarga sakinah mawadah warahmah.

** cepat kasi qies kawan yee.ameen!:)

w|cKa` said...

congratulation jeem & hubby..
happy2 slalu ye..
bila nak ikut belayar?

Ena Mazly said...

tahniah dik... selamat melayari bahtera sendiri... ehehhehe... semoga kekal ke akhir hayat...

Imma Yusri said...

syoknyer kawen...

jeem said...

thank you:D mmg dh kenal lama.akak la geng seafarer yg 1st saya's a good thing that we can keep in touch like this kan.hehe.

i'Allah,ada rezeki ada la kawan qies nti :)

thanks akak.doakan yg terbaik buat kami key.saya tak ikut naik kapal kot.syir risau saya mabuk laut.agknya dia faham wife dia ni manja sket.heheh.

thanks akak.doakan kebahagian kami ye.klau boleh nk jd macam akak dan kapten..romantiiikkk je w'pun dah lama kawen.

cepat2 join kami.hehehe.limbang dh otw tu.hehe.