Saturday, February 7, 2009

.the angel.


talking to mak always been therapeutic.she knew well at which part of my heart her remedial words should be pointed,i was on the verge of tears before i quickly find a reason to hung up.i dunno why.perhaps she reminded me a lot of my responsibilities as a slave to the ONE,a daughter,a sister and a friend that i long neglected.her soft melodious voice is like a command that i must obey.talking to her also brings me closer to GOD.when i say she's my pillar of strength,i really mean it.macam nak cakap ja tdik,gmah sayaaaang mak.tapi malu la pulak.hahah..God is great.he sent us all an angel even before we were born.right?=)i hope i could be like her when i'm a mother one day.

today's bright and sunny after a week of rain and snow.i should go out enjoy the sunlight that my skin been craving for.asek terperap dlm bilik pun lemau jugak.and owh,please watch a curious case of benjamin button.although it's a long story(nearly 3 hours),u'll be satisfied at the end.the ending is so touching.enough for the review or else i'll be a spoiler=P

enjoy ur weekend people!

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