Wednesday, February 25, 2009

.it's yOu.


everytime i switched on my lappy,he would take over immediately after that to watch anime or just reading manga online.

everytime he left the lappy for me to use afterwards,there goes 1-2 tabs of paused anime(klau tak one piece,bleach or naruto).so lappy pun akan slow lah sket.

everytime he's watching anime,i was left out totally being ignored(kunun-kunun bagi time saya studi.masalahnya boleh ke?he's watching anime and i have to study!).exception being if i knocked the door wif foods la kan.

the most annoying thing is ada la org tu beside using my lappy tgok anime dia duk selamba kutuk iBook G4 kesayangan saya dengan pelbagai tohmahan.seb baik awak wangi and seb baik rumah awak jauh kena seberang laut and naik kapai terbang.klau tak......

.......but i dun mind.i'll miss the anime soon.i'll miss the sound of him laughing while watching the anime.i'll miss the annoying voice that says bad things about my lappy.i'll miss the one who told me to stop eating in binge (due to future exponentially weight gain prospect)......arghhh...jgn pk lae..jgn pk lae.

eh let's play bowling tomorrow anyone?

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