Saturday, February 28, 2009

stockholm syndrome-epi.2 (museums are everywhere)


temperature:-3 degree celcius
mood:mixed.happy to be here yet a bit down sbb esok nk balik dublin

for those who love museums and art not forgeting architecture,do come to stockholm.this is the place whére you can find museums and art galleries every 100 metres.for people who appreciate interior design like moi....u'll be happy to find so many shops and places where the interior designs are actually the main thing that invites u modern and minimalist kinda way.swedes definately have good taste.

had a good time shopping.nothing extravagant,yours truly just bought souvenirs to be brought home.incik ichigo did a lot of shopping though.the old town which is just a stone throw away from the hostels really has lots to offer.from souvenirs shops to fine restaurants,it took almost a day to cover them all.but the most enjoyable thing as usual is photography.i love taking many pictures of him at the old-fashioned streets around the old town.and for the first time he wasn't reluctant to pose and do as what i instructed him to.hehe.

tomorrow dah nk balik dublin.sedey=( all in all,i have fun.if i have a chance,i would certainly come here again and revisit the places i'd been together with the memories left this kena kerja kuat-kuat lepas nie and save as much money as i possibly can.

okies.need to go packing.
till next time.

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