Sunday, March 1, 2009

stockholm syndrome.epi 3 (money is not everything)


hello everyone.we're safely home=)home sweet matter how good another place is,nothing feels like home.penat sudah tentu.nk kata jet lag tipulah sgt(time difference = an hour ahead from dublin) tapi mengapa asek mengantuk dr smp tdi?we touched down around quater to 12 at noon.then headed straight home.both of us were exhausted.

the flight was at half ten in the morning.since the city of stockholm is about 80 mins from the airport,we have to leave hostel around 6.15am on foot to the bus terminal to take 7am airport coach to skavsta we were walking there was a taxi at the traffic light who honked at us.we raised our hands as a sign that we were fine walking.the taxi continously honking us asking us to just jump in the turned out that the taxi driver is a muslim from algeria and he actually gave us a free lift to the bus terminal.we got in the taxi and by looking at our panic stricken faces,he knew that we afraid he would charge us for the ride(dah la kami tgal 150kronor je=1.50euro).but later he told us he's just helping his brother and sister is ISLAM because he pitied us walking in cold weather.he mentioned money is not everything.dia siap bwk to the closest gate to the airport coach.before we left,he just asked for one thing,to send him dua'.we will.definately.

today incik ichigo is soooo kind to cook for yours first he told me to cook at home as he's tired to go out again.then at the city centre to change bus,he said"we mkn luaq je la.sian awak nk masak"."tapi saya nak mkn nasik"i answered.pastu kena jln jauh.then we decided to go home and cook the easiest meal like fried rice.balik2,i think he was so starving rebus 2 packets of maggi mee,one for me and one for him.and later this afternoon,dia goreng nasik goreng jugak for might be a simple dinner but it meant a lot to me.maybe sbb saya kata nk mkn nasik jugak.heeee......=)))))thanx awak.

okies.itu je for today.jumpa esok-esok=)

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