Sunday, March 15, 2009



it's depressing how problem can occur at the wrong time and u are far away to even lend ur ears to listen.when i asked back about the problem,it was either solved or they already forgot about it.sedey nya i'm the most useless and hopeless creature on those i temporarily ignored,i still love you.sorry for not being there when u need me the most.i hate being me,the clumsy and ignorant me.i need to be a better me.

the worst at the mo is,i think i'm stressed out with the exam.depression is like the worst enemy i could seriously.huuu....even the sound of the alarm clock gave me palpitations it really wrong to sleep at this point of time knowing i have zillions to read?but sleep is necessity.everyone needs sleep.owh....

let's stop talking about something that further increase my hart rate.hurrmm..i really enjoy studying in least there are few natural jokers that never failed to crack jokes.=P they just simply gifted in making people laugh.

owh lupa nk cerita,on one fine day,on the way to the ward,i was called to do something.since i were in a rush i had to refuse.while on my way out of the hospital,i was called again for the second time.i didn't mind at first but on second thought,looking at the nature of the action and the increasing no of people watching, i think i better pass to someone else.luckily there's a friend who agreed to help me pedalled and much to everyone's amusement,he's making smoothie at the same time.*clap *clap *clap!i'm actually kagum with his slumberness(is there such a word like this?).he's the man.hehe.berkat kekuatan syameq,i got a cup of free smoothie before we left.yeay!!

that's the spirit!

he's enjoying his time...=D

a short conversation afterward:
me:sempoi ah hang..bestkan pedal?
him:best ah.*sambil senyum
me:sedap arr ayaq nie.sbb hang pedal kot....*sambil menikmati smoothie freee
him:sbb aku kentut kot tdik.
me:!@$%^^&&*!!!! *agak nk muntah ijau di situ.cess!(seb baik dia ngah minum gak.klau tak confirm saya percaya)

ok.itu aja.heheh.
take care=)


ohcalamity said...

haha comel nye idea ni! best gak pasang blender kt hujung basikal pastu smpi hospital smoothie dah ready utk diminum. imaginativenye!

btw i pun erk skit bc comment syamir. haha. lawak la.


*Kerry Uh La La said...

jemah.ayat u yg mula2 tu..kery pown rs mcm tu :(.sedih kan tak dpt tok 'be there' as we promised..yg paleng tak best.sbb rs bersalah giler2 n dunno how to confront wit them..huhuh
nway, that's nice way to make a same time exercise tuuu .hihih :D