Monday, March 30, 2009

as usual,it sucks big time.


exams were horrid.bel.malas nk comment.if i treat the patients the way i answered those papers,they die in no stay free consultations unless u don't mind the silly errors.

and let's pray hard i pass.

arghhh..windunya everyone at home.lambatnya nk balik malaysia.serious lama lagi.after 2 more modules.luckily i got few big events coming up.i just lurrrveee april.wohooO!

i wonder where are the extra font accessories gone?ala..yg boley buat tulisan kecik,besar tu.and i couldn't even color the words like last time.they just gone missing.haihh.

oklah.eyes are involuntarily refuse to open.i need sleep.nope,i deprived of sleep.


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