Saturday, March 21, 2009

stockholm syndrome-epi.finale (delayed part t.w.o)


exam is just around the corner.plenty to read and do.however pada saat ini jugak the urge to blog is at it's to be fair,i would like to fulfill what i've promised before,the continuation of stockholm syndrome.although he's in malaysia already i still nak smbg tulih gak.takpa la no.hehe.okies this time we talk about vasa museum.this is a place where in my opinion every tourist should go.i was stunned by the huge viking ship that was discovered i think in 1952 and evacuated 10 years later.saya ni buta sket lah kan about vikings ni but since incik ichigo ada,he told me everything from a-z and indirectly i had a free tour guide on what vikings do,how the lived and so on.let's have a look:

ni miniature version of the ship.based on research,the ship once looked like this.exact shape and colours.

below are pictures taken while strolling around stockholm city.

above are famous twin buildings in the old town.

ahh..miss the place,miss the company too=P
bila-bila kita pi tempat lain pulak key.
okies..that's all.pheww..finally siap gak entry pasal stockholm nie.
have a good weekends everyone=)


ain husna said...

untung ny jeem dapat jenjalan cmtu..
huhuhu...nak gaaak.=)

jeem said...

ain husna,
tu ja yang kitorang enjoy kat cni.apa-apapun malaysia paaaling best!meh cni,jeem bwak jalan.=)