Tuesday, March 3, 2009

stockholm syndrome-epi.finale part o.n.e


just to wrap up the wonderful trip.try not to write a long essay since i'm in the middle of a crisis.so putting pics is easy enuff not to involve much of my brain functions yang sediakala serabut nie..hehe.

while waiting for ferry to go to another island.

on the ferry.behind is a star cruise-like ship.in penang,there is only one back and forth the island but in here berderet-deret.geram tgok.tapi $$$$ mst byk la kan.

smp senget-senget kepala amek gambaq!

erm..no comment=P


the famous viking line

incik ichigo geram je takleh main.sorry awak,kita pi time winter.rollercoaster licin.huhu..

do you see the building with the unique rooftop?that's vasa museum where they placed the discovered viking ship


oii,i didn't realize we took so many photos.i thought in one entry i could finish uploading all.hurm...can i continue some other time?bole la..bole kan?hehe.okies...next,i'll bring u guys to one of these places.

nti sambung key.



aiza said...

cantik nye!!
p/s: excited for u.

jeem said...

we wished ada photographer hebat-hebat ikot sekali kitorang(ni hint nie).esok-esok jom pi skali!=D