Sunday, March 8, 2009

welcome to the life where we live.


conversation with a friend last night has opened my eyes on so many things.we talked about many things from the good old days to politic and religion.while talking i realized all the things i know is just on the surface.i have no urge whatsoever to go deeper on certain matter.this is bad.knowing something but have no effort at all to do research or at least making sure the things i know are exactly provenly right!owh dear,where's my old self?the one who wanted to know it all or MUST know it all.where is the inquisitive me who read every newspapers sold by mamak stall(owh yes,masa zaman cerah,i bought setiap newspaper readable to me,utusan,the star,metro,berita harian..and kakak usually brought back NST from her office).i even compared each issue and start telling my mum this newspaper was telling lies based on what i've read in the others.with current politic and economic situation back home,i think i cannot afford to be ignorance anymore.perhaps the attitude of lepas tangan in people like me who makes the situation worse.we always think that what we do is nothing or too small to be counted but we forget all the big things started with the small ones.kita menjadi kanak-kanak sebelum dewasa.tumbuhan bermula dari biji benih sebelum menjadi pokok berakar tunjang.

"Few will have the greatness to bend history,but each of us can work to change a small portion of events,and in total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation".

Robert F Kennedy

dan jgn sekali-kali kita lupa that setiap perkara baik yang kita lakukan eventhough sebesar biji sawi adalah mulia pada tuhan.

on a small notes,i attended clinic on friday after nearly 3 weeks berparttyyyy.ahaks.when i was standing in the middle of the clinic,i was wondering why every patient has their own weird top that,most of them are either having casts,braces or on crutches.*pening and*
owh daku lupa.that was fracture clinic rupanya.3 weeks buat saya lupa segalanya.haiishhh!

well...i need,opppsss i MUST go back to's hard to get back on track but insyaAllah boleh=)

have a nice week people.and dun forget to have isn't that bad after all.

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