Wednesday, March 18, 2009

lap c.hole.


surgery is treating me badly this week.beside seeing anus(es) and pelbagai bukaan lain,i'm also expected to inspect what's inside stoma bags.semiformed or formed?tak paham lae?s.h.i.t lah.cecair ke pepejal?that's what i got on my 1st day in colorectal.sapa kata jadik medical student or doktor ni high-class,kerja kelas pertama?bulls.h.i.t!after i ended a round of potpetpotpet with incik ichigo(the same rythm as the complains about urology,gynaecology and breast endocrine dulu),he asked me one good Q.yg depan ke yang belakang lagik interesting?pffffttttt!and owh,another 2 days on checking people's ass.esok outpatient clinic.worst!jari apa nk guna?lupa la.

feel like going to holland again bermandi bunga tulip*berangan*.i think someone has reached the highest limit putting up with this daydreamer.nak wat's free.what you need are a bit of creativity and imagination to start with=P.but haih...mmg tak bgus berangan lebey-lebey nie.

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