Monday, March 23, 2009

.fluid challenge.


exams dtg lagi.this is among the most dreadful times of the year.somehow i kinda used to it already.but i'm hoping i were immuned to the exams not to panic or have anxiety attack a few days before exams which i'm not.~sigh~as years passed by,things get more difficult.when i was in my pre-clinical years,last minute studies were possible.forget about books till a week before exam and be a nerd.yes,i,don't even think of doing the same's like digging my own grave.huuuu..wayang pun dh lama tak tengok.sobs.

okie dokie,nk continue all res year UCD,ALL THE BEST!asia for asia.haha.

p/s:the mini-blackboard is the reminder in the wasting time in the kitchen i suppose.haha

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aiza said...

mari-mari study-study!
biar la all dipermudahkan. amin.