Sunday, September 12, 2010



a short update about this year's eid.mine alhamdulillah semua lancar je.cuma kurang happenng sket.perhaps because mak is far away in the holy soon as mak comes back,baru nak masak2 meriah's another 3days of waiting and i'm already sick missing her.syir once told me this is how she felt when i was far away in ireland and if this is true,i think i made the right choice by coming back here for good.huhu.however,rindu,rindu jugak.makan mmg the best. i had to frequently reminded myself that my body cannot tolerate foods that well that i would put on weight sooo very easily.maybe that's the only way of holding me back from swallowing whatever that i came across for the past 3 days.hehe.bukan nk berdiet sgt pun..cuma nk jd lebih health concious sedikit.wawawa!and beraya bersama kakak-kakak,abg dan anak2 sedara best juga.the kids la make it more fun.i love teasing my 5 year old niece whenever she's counting her duit raya that would grabbed her bag and hid it somewhere until she cried,like really cried.poor the kid. :D

as beraya bersama incik tunang for the first time is simply fabulous!i lost count on how many times both of us exchanged raya wishes thru texts and calls smp even raya ke-3 still ada.betapa jakunnya kami.haha.dia 5 tahun away and i enam.still my number beat his but number is just a number.apa yang penting?kerjasamaexperience :D

dan sepanjang raya nie i gigih dok habeskan this korean drama yang sgtlah masyuk.haish...hero nih mmg buat saya tak boleh tido...patutla mak saya tak pernah miss tengok boys over flower dulu smp saya naik hairan.

the title in english is personal preference or personal taste.and for the first time i dpt exposure about a furniture designer.korean mmg creative.their drma series or movies always have different themes and not as cliche as ehem....malay dramas.i'm sorry but since coffee prince mmg i dh kagum sbb drama melayu mana ada nk kupas pasal pembuat kopi dan pereka perobot in details kan?hehe.itu just a few examples that came if anyone bored mcm saya,sila lah layannnnnzzzz!

eh lupa pulak,selamat hari raya aidilfitri everyone.maaf zahir dan batin. :D

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