Saturday, May 22, 2010

highlights of may.


1)i just got an invitation to my conferring ceremony and reception a few days ago.yeay!it's on the 3rd june at 11 am.hoh,finally i get to wear the robe which consists of a gown and hood.and my request for an extra pass into the hall had been granted!so no one will be left outside.double yeay!

2)i am busy packing my things into boxes right now.after 6 years,one can imagine how many clothes,books,begs,shoes and whatnots that i've been accumulating in my room.i wish mak and kakak were here now instead of on the 2nd june to help me out main problem is these boxes are to be collected by tomorrow!*pengsan!*

3)can't believe i'm actually leaving this room,house for good soon.definately going to miss the sounds of neighbor chit-chatting with her elderly friends(that indicates she's still alive:btw,she'a an old lady),playing piano(creepy sometimes especially at night),and having party till 10am the next day(not nice,i tell ya)

i'm excited to start things anew in my beloved country but at the same time i have this mixed feelings what if things don't turn out the way i expected?


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