Tuesday, June 8, 2010

it's not goodbye.


dear dublin,

for so long i've been waiting for this moment to come,to go home and never come back to meet you again.i guess my wish has been granted come tomorrow.but why i feel very sad?my heart is aching departing from you.you start to feel like home to me.the place where i've learnt so many things,cried  so many times and laugh out loud!the place which thought me a true meaning of friendship and most importantly the place which made me realize i have more in me than i previously thought.eventhough i have opportunity to prolong my stay,to let myself falling deeper with your beautiful summer,i have to admit i have far more reasons to go home where i truly belong.i have undeniably a wonderful family who will wait for me at the front door when i'm exhausted from work,i have friends who never fail to show up and drag me for teh tarik and support my back when things go haywire and not to be forgotten,i have a fiance that i want to build a life together and spend the rest of my life with Godwilling and he's waiting for me to come home.

semoga kita berjumpa lagi dublin.

thank you for making me,me.thank you for giving me such memorable moments that i would definately cherish forever and thank you for making my biggest dream came true.

yours truly,


predictable yet meaningful song.


Ena Mazly said...

welcome home dear...

Myra said...

like this post!

safe journey home dear :)

nnti kacau uuuu ;) ;)