Sunday, June 13, 2010



i'm home.

 12 hours flight with family members onboard was somehow sweet experience that makes time went by quicker.sedar-sedar dan smp klia.truly like the feeling of seeing familiar faces around. :)

plus,i just had a catching-up session with my buddies who i missed their presence so dearly when i was in dublin.we talked about so many things from work,politic to relationship matters.there were happy and not-so-happy stories and from them i realized as we grow old,the problems are more difficult and harder to deal with.tetapi tuhan maha bijaksana,the older the wiser we are :)

however,there's something i miss about dublin,the summer weather.i know i'm complaining now but who wouldn't when u could feel sweats dripping from all over your body most of time especially after 6 years living with natural air-conditioner and sweat-free?(eleh jeem,macam u lahir kat kutub utara kan?hehehe).come on,cut me some slack and give me time.iAllah,i'll adapt back.

owh lupa,being able to talk to syir for hours via mobile phone add another extra point to the positive side of being home.the fiance of mine just anchored at bintulu upon my arrival  indirectly making my homecoming extra special. ;)

but i know,life is not a bed of roses.while i'm happily eating mom's cookings,happily chatting away with childhood friends,happily wasting call-credits with my loved one,there are friends back in dublin or wherever  they are who's struggling with their modular exams,final med exams and the likes.itu belom lagi org kat palestine nu yang ditembak hidup2,children separated from their parents and worst, limited foods and medications for fact,in my own life,i dont know what God has in store for me in future,but i do pray he gives me strength and bless me,my family dan seluruh umat manusia with nur ,hidayah and peace of mind.

owh apa yg i merepek malam-malam ni.oklah kamu-kamu,i'm officially penanam iAllah jeem ada plenty time to write later.take care and drink plenty of water to replace the insensible loss from the sweating ye(khas untuk ex-dubliners just in case u read this :P)
p/s:to my dear blogger friend who's recuperating from a great loss recently,my heart goes out to you.Allah knows best.remember that tau :)

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