Thursday, May 6, 2010


the avoca trip really worn me out.i spent most of the time today sleeping.syir has just anchored  but i decided to let him do whatever he wanted to do,in other words i just lack of energy even to have a chat with him and some discussions between us has tire me more.but whatever it is,i love him anyway.

the official result has just been glad i got the title finally.the journey was excruciating yet worthwhile.besides graduation,there are a couple of things that i look forward to.

5-11 mei:nice and monaco
14-20 mei:oslo and berlin
24 mei:arrival of mak,kakak and abg.will meet them in heathrow
24-27 mei:london
27 mei-2 june:venice,florence and rome
5-8 june:paris
9 june:malaysia.

for the wonderful life,Alhamdulillah.segala pujian hanya untukNYA.

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