Saturday, May 1, 2010



provisional result for final exam of medicine was out yesterday.
thank you Allah,the most gracious and most merciful.couldn't be more happier.

when i was told i passed,the first person that i called is mak.she sounded happy.actually this is for her.for always be my pillar of strength,who never tired of giving me  her unconditional love,prayers and supports throughout my 6 years abroad being a medical student.she told me the whole family was praying hard for my success.God bless them for that.i couldn't thank them enough.

and to mr fiance,look how far we've come.thank you for always being there and may God bless you for your patience.

now,dah jdi penganggur tetap.huhu

congrats UCD class 2010.we finally made it doctors! :D


Ena Mazly said...

congrats dear !!!

Khairiyah said...

congrats jemahhh!!! pls amek O&G nnt kery nk beranak cari jemah je!:p

jeem said...

kak ena,
arigato =)

thank youuu! =)
erk....!OnG? we'll see how key.kena abeskan internship/housemanship dulu.then i'll decide.hehe

fAraHnaDiaH said...

Congrats Dear!!!