Sunday, May 3, 2009

i just wanna be me.

wif u by my side.

kapal nk gerak esok.

j:u work hard

i:u study hard

damn.kan dah kena studi hard.lenkali nk cakap u, kerja slow-slow or rilex-rilex.mst dia cakap u,studi slow-slow,rilex-rilexhaha.ntah apa-apa.

today,the brain just refused to work harder.come on brain,dun let me down.i need your full function to the!

last friday,a friend of mine went travelling by herself.she came to my house asking for advice about stockholm and with a map of stockholm i gave her off she went.a.l.o.n.e!she took a flight to oslo and then hop on the bus to stockholm that evening.arrived the next day,spent half-a-day in the capital city of sweden and took another bus back to oslo that very night.the next day she took a flight back to she's safe and sound here as i just got a call from her.from her voice i could tell she really had a great time in the scandinavian countries.hats off!it's not easy tau nk travel sorang2.sebut stockholm,rasa nk senyum sorang-sorang.ah,kenangan.

okey,i received a signal telling me the brain is ready to give its best shots.
c ya.

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