Thursday, May 28, 2009



tonight will be the last nite i have to be in labour ward.

********hawaian dancing**************

bukan tak best,cuma sleep cycle mmg 360 degree changed and comes together puffy saggy eyes with it.huuuu kan dh nampak 5 tahun tua dr umur yg sediakala mencecah setaun-lagi-nak-smp-suku-abad.

anyway,selama nie saya sgt kagum dengan all the 7 wonders of the world,u know colosseum,great wall of china,taj mahal and the are the latest one.

after 4 nights seeing and believing what happened in the labour ward,i think i found a new addition to the present 7 wonders of the world,the eighth one.jeng..jeng..jeng...!


hahah.cara ini mmg magic.magic tau tak.the differences on women with and without epidural are significantly obvious!initially she could be in excruciating pain with all the sweat and tears but once the epidural kicks in,she's just lying on her back chatting away with the husband and the midwife like nothing happen and some even fell asleep and has to be awaken when the right time comes to push the baby out.klau yang tak pakai tu,masyaAllah jerit satu hospital boleh dengaq.and i did asked one of the anaesthethist which happen to be a malaysian which i thought another midwife before hand,(and malangnya siap tanya lagi.."r u a midviwe here?"no,i'm the anesthetist"dong!).she told me better to go on epidural since it helps a lot with the pain and no point to act heroic if there's something to help us facing the pain soo effectively.but they are drawbacks of using epi.hypotension,dizziness and shakiness,massive headache and prolongation of 2nd stage of labour(btween full dilation of the cervix and delivery of the baby) are among all but worry not.the medical staffs will monitor your vitals every now and then i'm sure they are all being in their consideration if u're on epi.

but if u feel like giving birth natural way or hate it when ur body being poked by huge needles then no problemo.we have pethidine,painkiller jugak whereby we injected into ur bump and entonox,an inhaled gas consist of 50%nitrus oxide and 50% oxygen both act to lessen ur pain but work to the lesser extent of epidural.and yeah quite a number of women did just great depending on them.=)

okies..itu sahaja wahai ibu-ibu mengandung sekalian.any Qs don't hesitate to ask.try my best to answer.

in a nutshell,always remember u are special and u deserve the best care any staff could give.

till next time then.


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